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5 Facebook Ad Targeting Tips For Painters

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Successful Facebook Ads Start With The Right Audience

If your goal is to repaint residential homes would you spend money marketing to people who live in apartments? Running Facebook without building a specific audience using Facebook ad targeting is no different than marketing house painting to apartment tenants.

Facebook ad targeting gives painting contractors the ability to show their ads, offers, and posts to Facebook users based on a huge range of criteria – including whether or not someone lives in a single family home or apartment. Below are 5 great targeting options painting contractors can use to reach the right Facebook users. Combining these targeting options with a Facebook carousel ad is a surefire to get drive more Facebook leads.

5 Facebook Ad Targeting Tips
  1. Location: You want to work near your office correct? Within Facebook’s Ad Manager, it is very easy to geo-target an area. Options include targeting cities, counties, or a street address. Just pick your initial targeting point, set a radius, and your ads will only reach people in your service area.

  3. User Location: The default option is to target everyone inside the geography, including users on their mobile phones. Just because a user is inside the targeting area, it does not mean they live there. Adjust this setting to “People who live in this location” to make sure your ad is only going to people who actually live in your service area. Here is an example of changing the User Location ad targeting setting:

    Facebook Ad Targeting For User Location


  5. Home Type and Home Size: These two options are paired together because they go hand in hand. It does not do any good to show ads about house painting to people who live in apartments. Set the Home Type targeting option to “Single” to only target people who live in single family homes. Use the Home Size targeting option to reach users with homes that meet or exceed a certain square footage.

  7. Homeownership Status: People who rent homes typically do not hire painters, or any contractors for that matter, so why waste money showing them ads? This setting makes sure the people in our audience own the home they live in.

  9. Purchase Behavior: This is a lesser known targeting option, but one that is very valuable. It will only target your ads to users who have demonstrated they are likely to purchase home improvement services, making this a great targeting option for ads that promote a special offer or discount.


Using Facebook Ad Targeting

The audience above would be ideal for a residential house painter. Ads would be served to local single family homeowners looking to purchase home improvement services. This definitely beats apartment tenants.

Facebook ad targeting is done entirely through the Facebook Ads Manager and can be a challenging process. If it is not done correctly, your ads will not go to the right users, meaning every ad impression is a waste of money. Before building your first ad audience, consider contacting the painting contractor marketing experts at AltaVista. They will provide your painting business with a free Facebook ads consultation and explain how to maximize their potential through targeting. They can be reached by phone at 800-313-2168 or by email at

5 thoughts on “5 Facebook Ad Targeting Tips For Painters

  1. This is a great eye opener article. I will be experimenting on my next ad. I do all my ad campaigns through my mobile device. So I did not see these options or I just missed them completel

    1. Gabe – I am glad you enjoyed the post and find the information useful. You will have better luck exploring the targeting options from your desktop browser than the Facebook apps on your phone. If any questions come up during your exploration please feel free to reach out!

  2. Unfortunately this is an older article and many of these options have been removed from Facebook’s ad targeting options due to privacy concerns, the GDPR, and protected classes. The location targeting options are still available and continue to be very important.

    While the purchase behavior, home ownership status and home size options have disappeared, new targeting options include income bracket and education level. These can be used to only target people in the top 10% of US incomes with college degrees.

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