Monday, May 20, 2024
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EZ UP Dust Containment

We’re constantly bringing new products to the table to meet your dust containment demands.

Our E-Z Up™ Dust Containment Door Kit provides fast dust containment protection. The unique C-shape zipper allows for quick access in and out of the jobsite. The kit can even be re-used! Just re-apply with new E-Z Up™ Double-Sided Seam Tape.

Our Double-sided Tape provides a tight seal with plastic sheeting and features release paper for easy application. Up to 14 days of use.

Carry up to 4 containment poles in our heavy duty Pole Bag with reinforced zipper and straps. The comfort grip handle makes transportation easy.

Our heavy duty Zipper creates an instant doorway and can be used on plastic, tarps and shrink wraps.

Thanks to the folks at Trimaco for providing the poles for our feedback team to try and report back!

E-Z Up Poles

I just recently tried out a set of these poles as my other sets were in use on another job and they are fantastic!! Creating a barrier has never been so easy and I will definitely be getting another few sets for my company! The poles and mechanisms are super sturdy and simple to use as well. They hold tight to the floor and ceiling with ease and adjustment is simple and quick. One man can put up complete containment in a very short amount of time; in my case it was less than two minutes and that included cutting the platic and opening it up! I was very impressed and can't wait to use them again.
- Mike Kremsreiter
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