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Steady Door

SteadyDoor is the perfect sized tool. It easily spans between two doors and is small enough to be conveniently stowed in a tool box. Overall dimension are just over 10 inches long and 1.5 inches wide. Just about the same size as that pile of junk shims you have been fighting all these years.

Source: Steady Door

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Steady door

Which works just as advertised. Fits nicely in my tool bag. Look forward to using it many times in the future
- Dan

Steady Door

This product is designed way better than any others on the market (advanced i.e.) my biggest takeaway from using these is the doors really do not move once screwed in. No door damage unlike other. Rands that you have to pound in with a hammer. And it's also very important to note that the spacing of the steady door system allows for easy access to the connected door end corners while spraying. I've found that the other makers versions spacing are set too close together allowing blowback overspray to hit the door connected next to it. These are awesome and easy to store in your kit.
- RWC Interiors

Steady Door

We have had the opportunity to use this product on a couple jobs. They are sturdy and do everything as advertised. The teeth do hold doors tight. Nice product and way better then wooden sticks and everything else people try and use to keep doors upright and steady when spraying.
- Jerry F

Steady Door

I have finally had the chance to try these out, they are certainly a product I will be keeping around. Works flawlessly and very easy to use. I went ahead and purchased a contractors pack. Great product.
- RSR Painting Limited

Steady Door

I've used everything from stir sticks to 2x4's to stand our doors up that we need to spray. Stir sticks split and I've actually had a few doors come crashing down and 2x4's are bulky to carry to the job. I gave Steady Door a try because they looked like a solid product that would make my life much easier when having to spray doors. Steady Door made it so much easier to get the doors set up that I was able to do it without having anyone to help hold the doors in place. Plus, you only need one screw to secure them and the teeth bite into the door creating a secure hold. That is the best part! No more worrying about the wind knocking your freshly sprayed doors over or having to have 2 people to get them set up and ready. And, they don't take up any more room than a stir stick! Great product and I would highly recommend them to any painter who sprays their doors in an accordion fashion.
- Don Goddard

Steady Door

Ive used every other product on the market and I like this one alot. Its holds the doors up as it is supposed to and is also very lightweight for transporting. I also like the teeth that help hold door in place while you are putting a screw in.
- Armor Tough Coatings

Steady Door

A very good product that works well and is surprisingly strong. It holds even heavy doors steady and makes setup fast and easy. I would definitely buy this product and use it for every door spraying project.
- Tristan Hamberg
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