Monday, May 20, 2024
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Get The Market Place Talking About YOU!

Is the market place talking about you?

While reading the great book, The Referral Engine by John Jantsch, also author of  Duct Tape Marketing, John talks about putting yourself out there. He told a great story about Scott Ginsberg and his name tag.

Scott’s story was a game changer for me. Then I heard Seth Godin’s quote he shared from an interview he gave:

“If the marketplace isn’t talking about you there is a reason. The reason is you are boring, and your boring on purpose…”

That hit me like a rock! So much so, I put the book down and immediately began asking myself, “What can I do to stand out?”  Well, I do a lot of networking, 4 to 8 meetings a week. I really enjoy it, especially once I learned Bob Burgs  -“Endless Referrals” system!

While continuing to ask myself what can I do to stand out, to make myself “remarkable” as Seth Godin would say, I remembered a Benjamin Moore ad about swimsuit paint.

So the night before the Venice FL, Chamber networking lunch, I wrote this 60 second presentation. As the microphone was making itsself across the crowd, I had talked myself out of this crazy stunt. That is until one of my competitors stood up and gave the usual, “My name is…we service…”

Now I had to bring it! And so I did. Here is my swimsuit 60 second presentation;  Steve Burnett of Burnett Painting Venice FL swim suit comercial

By doing this crazy presentation, I became one of the very few presentations that afternoon that everybody was talking about.

If you attend your local networking functions like Chamber or BNI, make it your #1 goal to have the most remarkable presentation so that when you all leave the event, they are not only remembering your presentation out of all of the presentations there, but they go back to the office sharing it with their network!

I have done others since. The expectation has been set, so when I show up “the market place knows me” and they come up with a big smile to ask, “What are you doing today, Steve?”

Here is last months CRAZY Hulk Hogan presentation, which I am humbled to share currently has 1,100+ views!  

Thanks to the Monday 20, Bob Burg, John Jantsch, Seth Godin, Scott Ginsberg, Toastmasters, and most important my amazing wife April!

The Marketplace IS talking about Burnett Painting!

You can run a search on YouTube for Steve Burnett, Venice Chamber Lunch so see others, if you like.


Please share what ways are you “Putting Yourself Out There” and being “Remarkable” in the comments below!







5 thoughts on “Get The Market Place Talking About YOU!

  1. Great post, from an expert at getting the market place a buzz about what he will be doing next. There is never dull moment when Steve takes the mic, and for that reason Burnett 1800PAINTING is larger than life in the South West Florida networking market place!

    1. I agree with Dallas, I have been following your “adventures” on G+ and Facebook. never a dull moment! Hope to hear more from you here at BP!

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