Monday, May 20, 2024
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Work that Matters or just painting?

picture of JimAnother blogger I have been following on G+ is Jim Connolly, he has a lot of good info to share. He recently wrote a blog about doing work that matters, I read it a few times, thinking, “but how could this apply to painting” and I realized it is not about what you do as much as how you do it. It is your daily attitude, having a positive outlook. Something that comes pretty naturally to me, and at times I have been known to drive my colleagues nuts with my perpetually positive attitude! Because I love what I do, it is easy for me to be excited, to want to share.

I know some others like that as well, for example Steve Burnett, who just joined our blogging team, you can tell by his post here that he loves what he does! And I think of a fellow forum member, Mike Pope of Woodland Painting who just posted about painting a room for a community project and was excited to share, it mattered to him! And the list goes on!

In the first of two posts, Jim says,

Almost every business focuses on working in a predictable way.  They stick within the confines of what their competitors do, because they believe that there is almost a guarantee that if they do, they will at least get a slice of the pie, even if it’s a small slice.  This is why so many businesses offer such a similar range of services to their competitors and end up attracting average clients, who pay them average fees.

So what can you do that matters?

There’s no for dummies guide.  There’s no turnkey solution.  There’s no manual either!  That’s because it has to be work that matters to YOU and your prospective clients.

It’s based around the way YOU see things:

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3 thoughts on “Work that Matters or just painting?

  1. We can completely identify with this post. Our products are really specialized and all handmade in the US so making a high quality brush is something that matters highly to us but is not something all can appreciate.

    Can you provide a link to Mike’s post about his community project? Sounds inspiring!

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