Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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Get the most from your Furniture

At the moment everyone is thinking about costs. Money is a bit tight for most people. So how can we still achieve high end finishes on a budget. You can’t have everything but if your willing to spend a little time you can take a standard piece of pine furniture and create a show house look, here’s how…
Take this piece of standard pine furniture bought in a well known high street store for a relatively small amount of money…

Granted its not much to look at. But its a well built solid piece of furniture. All it needs is a quality finish. To find out how to create the finish shown below take a look at my previous post This weeks new Pieces for a walk through of sanding, priming, top coat, staining and varnishing. The only difference with a piece such as this, is that it is untreated, in its raw state. I would start with a 100 grit paper followed by 120 and 150. Some pieces may have a rougher surface and require 80 or 60 grit before hand. When using sand paper a hint is that if you are having to work to hard to remove a rough area you may need to use a courser grit. Remember, the lower the number, the courser the paper.
This is the finish that can be achieved from this type of furniture. You can use any cour or shade of stain to match the existing features of your room… Happy Painting.

If you have any question please don’t hesitate to contact me at josephandson2010@gmail.com, twitter @josephandson or facebook Joseph & Son.

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