Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Smart Ways to Use Paint for Home Staging

If there’s one thing that doesn’t require substantial funds, but can greatly contribute to the appeal of your home to prospective buyers, it has to be the careful selection of interior colors. You may be a fan of dark or very bright colors, but keep in mind that most buyers find them off-putting. Another thing […]

Kitchen Appliances and Color Choices

I still say choosing a color scheme for the kitchen is the most challenging. Ironically, it has the least amount of wall space after all the appliances and cabinets are in but the color you do choose, has to be perfect! Just think about all the time you spend in the kitchen. From the time you wake […]

Homeowner Tips – Part 2

You’ve properly prepped all the walls, all your tools are on standby and your high quality paint is waiting to do its job.  Breathe easy; the tedious work is behind you.  It’s finally time to paint those interior walls! Technique plays a very important role in the outcome of your project.  Each professional has their […]