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How can I use pastel colors in my home?


Do you like pastel colors?

Most people think of baby colors, nursery or “old” decor when you say pastels. Not anymore!  Today, I’m going to show you how you can use pastel colors in your home without it looking like a nursery or a nursing home.

Aren’t these colors just beautiful? These are actually my egg holders for soft-boiled eggs. I should really start using them instead of just enjoying their colors. Anyway, you really need to be careful with pastels because one tint off and you’re in the “easter egg, nursery, I just chose a baby color for my bedroom” look.

“How do I use pastels in my room without it looking like a nursery?”


At first glance yes, you do see a lot of pastel colors in this room. Does it look like a nursery to you? No. Do you know why? Because of the accessories that were used in this room.

When you accessorize your room, bring in furnishings that clearly indicate that this is not a room for a baby. That means using fabric with distinctive age appropriate designs and colors. Animal print is good and I like that think black accents that are in both the fabrics and drapery hardware.


“ I like blue but I’m afraid my room will look like a boy’s room.”

That’s right! If you choose a blue that’s just a little too light, yes, your room will look like a little boys room. I would try to avoid using white furniture in a blue room, unless of course it’s a child’s room. Use dark furniture, black or even a contemporary look with a metal but use white as your last resort.



Color Tip

If you have a fairly good eye for color, choose pastels that are a little more muted, or contain more black in it. That will get you in the direction of a more mature color instead of the youthful pastels. Here are some Benjamin Moore colors that will point you in the right direction if you like pastels.

Like Lavender? Try Magic Potion 1250

Like Pink? Pale Petal 1178

Like Yellow? Try Harp Strings 213

Like Blue? Try White Rain 708


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