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How can you create a painting newsletter customers actually read?

Did you know that companies using email to nurture leads generate 50% more high-quality leads? (source: Hubspot) Thus, if your painting business isn’t leveraging newsletters in your marketing strategy, you’re missing a quantifiable amount of revenue.

DK Marketing Group has developed the following 6 keys to help ensure your newsletter program is successful:

  1. Develop Newsletter GoalsUsing a service like MailChimp can help make sure your newsletter is achieving the desired leading indicator performance goals including ‘Open Rate (how many read the email; aim for 20-40 percent)’, mailchimp newsletter‘Click Rate (how many click on a link; aim for 2-15 percent)’, ‘Unsubscribes’ and ‘Conversion Rates (how many people took desired actions; you want to see this rate increase)’. Once you’ve determined leading indicator goals, identify goals that directly impact your bottom line including increase in referrals, revenues, new customers, and customer repeat business volume.
  2. Content balance is critical. Your newsletter content should be approximately 90% educational and informative, and 10% promotional. Think of your newsletter as a trusted friend that your reader has invited into their home (email inbox). If a friend lets you into their home and you instantly begin with a pushy sales approach, they’re going to think twice about inviting you over again (i.e., opening your newsletter). If you want to highlight a promotional offer or a product in your newsletter, do so like a friend would: “Did you know we offer 5% off for all repeat customers?” Unless you actually have exciting and newsworthy information regarding your product or company, focus on helpful content.
  3. Have an effective subject line. Did you know that the two biggest factors influencing open rates are theCourtesy of MOJN newsletterorganization the email is from (64%) and the subject line (47%)? Email subject line research proves that simply by asking a question and using less than 50 characters can significantly increase your ‘email open rate’. To learn more about additional subject line best practices click here.
  4. Include a primary call-to-action and next step. Did you know that the average amount of time spent reading a newsletter is only 51 seconds? To make sure you capture your readers’ attention and advance the sales cycle, put clear, strong and specific calls-to-actions so your readers know they need to “Learn More” or “Read More” for more details.
  5. Develop an effective ‘Thank you for registering’ email. Once a person registers to receive updates from your company, it is a best-practice to send them a note thanking them for their interest. This is also an excellent opportunity to provide a promotional offer (X% off on their next service) and ask them to connect with you on social media.
  6. Create a content calendar. Taking the time to meaningfully plan topics can greatly improve the value of your newsletter and in turn help drive revenues. One way to create content consistency is to offer recurring sections(s) in your newsletter such as a ‘Project of the Month’, ‘Employee Profile’, and ‘Recent Customer Testimonials’.

Creating a professional, personable and effective email newsletter takes work, but the results can be significant. And although there are many additional best-practices, hopefully the keys above move your newsletter program in the right direction.

If you have any questions regarding your newsletter program or are interested in how we can help design and develop a newsletter program for you, please let DK Marketing Group know or leave a question below.

7 thoughts on “How can you create a painting newsletter customers actually read?

  1. I’ve always blew off newsletters because I never read them. Thanks for sharing the numbers of success. I’m going to consider this now.

    1. Hey Gabe,
      I did the same. After doing some testing and research, I’m rethinking it. Hopefully, some of our readers that have used them will chime in with their thoughts.

    1. Hey Nick,
      The jury is still out, we are doing some research on the matter and will be posting soon. I have seen some painters that are doing them successfully. I think it is like your postcards, they have to be done just right to work. Devyn makes some good suggestions for those that do want to try them.

  2. Hi Chris, great article, thanks! I want to print it out and keep it for reference but there’s not a print option, therefore, I end up printing your entire page including ads, etc. Is there a way to print just the content?

    1. Hi Judy, glad you liked it. Thanks for asking about printing, for some reason it was turned off. Look for the “Print Friendly” button at the end of the article.. Thanks!

  3. Great article. We have had some success with newsletters. However, what seems to be most effective for us is “holiday” e-mailers. Happy Holidays and Good Wishes and Thanks on Thanksgiving have drawn quite a bit of repeat clients.

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