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How do I paint tile floors?

A recent question from a reader,

I want to paint my tile floors in the bathroom. What type of
paint/polyurethane combo is best. I’ve been told to use an oil based
paint for my color and then seal it with wb poly. Is this correct? I’m
a little unsure because of the oil/water combo. Will it adhere because
it’s polyurethane instead of a wb paint? I would appreciate any
suggestions you can give me. Thank you.



2 thoughts on “How do I paint tile floors?

  1. Joseph Downs I would use zinzer 1 2 3 primer which, is a waterbase and, have it tinted to the prefe color you would like for the finshcolor. Then I would use a waterbase 100% acrylic porch and floor finish coat. Then use a waterbourne poly. JOSEPH’S
    27 minutes ago ยท Like

  2. Painting any hard surface like tile can be challenging. However the reward for changing the look of tile without replacing it is huge.

    This is another niche painting area that many painters avoid out of fear of coating failure. There is a good reason to be wary, however you can successfully give a five year warranty if you do it correctly.

    You need to really clean the surface. I mean thoroughly, with strong cleansers and solvents. For coating I would always suggest an epoxy. There are several companies that make the especially for painting tile and porcelain.

    Homax, rustolium, and xim are three that I have used in the past. My favorite being xim.

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