Sunday, April 14, 2024
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How to Repaint a Metal Building

Painting a metal building improves aesthetics but, more importantly, it also improves its durability and longevity. Metal roofs and exterior panels are known for their strength and resilience, but they’re still vulnerable to rust and corrosion via exposure to moisture and environmental contaminants. The right protective coating will yield the long-lasting attributes you’re banking on. When to […]

Painting a Swimming Pool

How to Paint an Inground Swimming Pool If you wish your pool to last, it is important that you maintain it well. Maintenance of inground pools is a multilevel task and all phases are important, from regular cleaning to fixing cracks and changing filtering systems. A well-chosen and applied paint it is the very foundation […]

How to Maintain Your Deck

A Seasonal Checklist for Decks… Decks are a great outdoor living space to enjoy for both relaxing and entertaining during three seasons of the year. In addition to the general traffic wear and tear that decks endure, they are also exposed to the most brutal of outdoor elements. Rain, sun, snow and ice wreak havoc […]

Can I paint this?

A reader from New England recently asked. 1. Part of one wall of a solarium is made of enamaled panels with 1 inch styrofoam type insulation mounted against a brick wall. The panels are dark brown. The solarium is being converted into an office. There are concerns for temperature changes. CAN THE ENAMELED INTERIOR SURFACE […]

Homeowner Tips

No matter what style you choose, color you pick, or finished look you desire, you always want the interior of your home to have the perfect finish.  One you are proud to show off.  The difference between professional painters and Do It Yourselfers is time.  While there is nothing wrong with the DIY attitude, professional […]

How do I paint tile floors?

A recent question from a reader, I want to paint my tile floors in the bathroom. What type of paint/polyurethane combo is best. I’ve been told to use an oil based paint for my color and then seal it with wb poly. Is this correct? I’m a little unsure because of the oil/water combo. Will […]