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How To Train A Salesperson For a Presentation



people1. Appointment times are set in stone. Its a given to avoid being late at all costs. Your salesperson should give the customer a warm introduction and make small talk prior to running around with a tape measure. In his hands are a laptop and a picture presentation binder. He should look like a contractor. No suit or tie, just nicely dressed and clean with a tape measure on his belt.
2. Once the small talk is over, the customer will be anxiuos to get things on the road. The salesperson will then politely ask to have a table to sit down so that he can set up his software. teach him to be careful of seating arrangements. I never sit between customers so I can avoid the tennis matchand I don’t sit with my back to a window.Customers attention can drift easily when they see there kids/dog running around out back. I have no problem asking customers to move seats to my preferred arrangement.
3. Your salesperson will ask the customers if they mind asking a few questions before he does his walk around. This will help the salesperson get a feel for the person’s needs. To me this is the most critical part of a presentation. He learns the customer’s hot buttons (“We have little ones that run their hands over everything” or “we’re moving and want to bring the colors up to date”, etc) In your questionaire you will learn how the customer heard about your company, ask them the age of the house, etc. The customer sees it as all relevant because it is, it just has more than one function and can really help close a sale. This is the time for the salesperson to get to know the homeowner(s) and their family. The presenter starts off by telling the homeowner exactly what steps he will be going through to give the people an on-the-spot proposal.
4. The salesperson walks the house with the homeowner and takes his/her measurements. They should take pictures to support their estimating sheet that they will be turning in to you.
5. The estimator then asks the homeowner for 20-30 minutes to prepare their proposal. This is a good break for the homeowner who has probably already invested a half hour with your salesman. they can check dinner, check on the kids, whatever. I also hand them a before and after picture book to look at while they are away from the table. I want them to start envisioning what their project is going to look like and get excited about it.
6. Call the homeowners back to the table. They will be excited to see the pricing but you drag out the anticipation a bit. This is when your guy/gal breaks out his presentation binder. A quick history of your company, insurance cert, RRP cert, the do’s and don’t of a proper paint job. Education followed by everything that makes your company unique. Spend some time on this. This is where the homeowner has to start making that upward progression of that price they may have had in their heads.
7. It goes without saying that a good salesperson will be becoming friendly by being genuine and warm with his potential customers. He has spent 1.5 hrs in this home and everyone should feel comfortable before the price presentation.

The rest is presentation and hopefully overcoming minimal objections. Answering customer concerns is another whole ball of wax and a topic that you will have to buy the book to find out more about. Its what separates the men from the boys and is the true art of selling.

Good luck!

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