Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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I’d Like to Thank my Accountant…

How Sharp is your Saw?

This article isn’t about accounting. But every year, almost to the day, my accountant sends out to all of his clients a year end tax planning document via email. It is rich with information about current tax legislation and expected changes in tax law from the current year to the next, which is a great help to all of us in planning.

When I receive this Tax Planning Update each year, it spurns me into a flurry of organization, which ends up touching all aspects of my life – both business and personal. Basically, it is a reminder to start getting ready for the end of one year and the beginning of the next.

This translates to three essential categories for organization: Office, Trucks and Shop. Most things in the life of this paint contractor tend to end up in one of those three locations at some point each day, week, month and year. This year, it really made me think, as I have been going through these three critical areas. I have been finding things, and by things I mean resources, that I have been wondering the location of but have not had time to locate.

There are things in trucks or the shop that should be in the office. There are things in the office or trucks that should be in the shop. There are too many things in the office, trucks and shop that should be in the garbage or recycling. Somewhere in the middle of it all, is just about everything in my life.

The point that I labor to make is that you cannot maximize, or even simply appreciate the resources you have if you can’t locate or figure out what you have and use it in the right contexts. It is a painful process, getting organized. Once you start, you gain momentum. When you finish, there is a lightness and confidence about achieving it.

I’m not there yet. But I am so much closer than I was even just a week ago. Break out of the day to day routine. I always go back to the old adage about the two guys cutting down the big oak tree. An old man comes upon them and tells them that if they sharpen their saw, the tree will cut down much easier. The two men, without hesitation, reply that they are too busy cutting down a tree to sharpen the saw.

Sharpen your saw. And get ready to cut trees in 2012.


Editor’s Note, see related article-Sharpen your digital saw.

17 thoughts on “I’d Like to Thank my Accountant…

  1. “Sharpen your saw” – that’s a pretty good saying! It’s so easy for things to get out of hand in terms of organization – you started planning strictly at the start of the week but mid-week everything is disorganized again!

    Your accountant sounds like they know their stuff, thankfully – it sounds like a very helpful service.

  2. Scott, I am amazed about the content that you write. I just saw a post that you covered waterborne primers and now you are here talking about how your Accountant and the process of organizing your business from the trucks to the shop. Nice post.

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