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I read it on the Internet, it must be true!

internet reputation

internet reputationOr is it?

In a recent issue of the The Paint Contractor Magazine, I talked about the internet and the information we find, and our own online reputations. Here are a few excerpts:


Fact vs Fiction?

How do you know what is real information or just someone’s biased opinion? How do you determine the authenticity of the information? We have talked in the past about building social communities through the various outlets, how to reach potential customers, branding your company, marketing, etc. But how do you sift thru and find the the truth? How do you know if the blog, review, tweet or forum post you are reading is from someone who has real life experience in the field or is just some “wannabe” posting from his mom’s basement?

 It’s all about transparency

Is your name recognizable? Not just your company name, but your own? Do you hide behind your company name or a “nom de plume”? Just like in real life, we have to be aware of the way we present ourselves. In real life, we make sure our clothes are neat, hair combed and our breath fresh before meeting a new potential customer. But what about our online presence?


Go ahead, Google yourself, here is an interesting article about it.  If you would like to read the rest of the article, check my column at The Paint Contractor Magazine , where you can find more information on paint related topics, or view it here.

So how can I manage my  reputation on the internet?

So what do you do if you find negative comments about your company or yourself? How do you find them? Tyson Downs has some tips on managing your online reputation here.

Where do you get your information? Leave a comment below!

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