Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Krud Kutter-Really good for cleaning brushes

Taking care of my investment in hand tools is often something I admit I overlook. It has been easy for me to say it isn’t worth the time it takes to properly clean a brush. Not to mention how hard it can be with certain coatings to even get them clean.

Usually when I finish a job I toss brushes that I consider worn. However after I recently read about using Crud Kutter to clean brushes I thought I would give it a try. I had a handful of really dirty brushes several of which were candidates for the duster pile, and thought I would give it a shot cleaning them with Krud Kutter. I stopped by Sherwin Williams yesterday and purchased a gallon, and today I gave them a few hours soak time. After soaking I then used a nylon brush to give them a quick scrub, and I was amazed how quickly then cleaned up.


It really was almost effortless to remove weeks of build up from some my favorite brushes, one of which I can’t buy locally. It didn’t get all that ultra deep black that Ben Moore Softgloss is notorious for leaving behind, it will take lacquer thinner to get that out. I will be using Krud Kutter again instead of giving up on brushes that are showing their age. Time to go clean my pumps now.


7 thoughts on “Krud Kutter-Really good for cleaning brushes

  1. The real test is how they work after they been cleaned. Tried many brush cleaners in the past. They work real good but the brush no longer works like it did. I love Krud Kutter for cleaning kitchen walls and stuff. Great product.


  2. I guess we will see soon enough Pat. I hope it didn’t hurt those synthetic brushes to bad. That 2 1/2 angled proform has be the toughest brush I have ever owned. That model is a winner for sure, its been beaten up since the first use and it still cuts straight while holding a ton of paint.

  3. When you spend the money on a high quality paint brush, a good cleaner will extend its life and turn the brush into a long-term investment. This product sound great.


  4. It hasn’t hurt any of my brushes, just makes regular cleaning so much quicker and very thorough.

    Apparently KK UK are testing the brush wash with an 80/20 synthetic/natural brush from EcoEzee. In theory the pH value of the natural bristle is not compatible with the citrus in KK, but they are thinking that maybe in small doses this may not be a deal breaker with this particular brush. We shall see.

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