Saturday, June 22, 2024
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“Kissass Marketing”


I love George’s posts! His business model with Ecopainting has always impressed me, as he has generously shared his ideas and expertise on various topics online. One of my favorites is his take on customer testimonials. It is a testament to his staff and the environment he creates when you read them. He has been doing organically what all these review sites are trying to recreate.  Be genuine, honest  and original! Thumbs Up to the team at EcoPainting!

The New Marketing

Painting Contractors (and other businesses of course) are now facing a new type of marketing warfare, maybe even a new marketplace. Angie’s List, Homestars, Yelp, Google Reviews, Facebook Reviews, so many more review places, are supposed to be the new places to be found.
These stalwarts of the consumer, are all claiming to be the definitive review place. Each one of them making it known that their own website of course, is where everything ethical and righteous in the marketplace starts and ends. If that was really the case, great! But it is not. Painting Contractors can pay to enhance their listings or to get preferential placements. Some of them, like Service Magic (and others now) are collecting projects information from consumers and sell the leads to several contractors.

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