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Mildew Can’t Grow. Stains Won’t Stick. Dirt Rinses Off.

KWIK SEAL ULTRA™, the latest in innovation from DAP, keeps kitchens & baths looking clean, fresh and new

DAP Products Inc., a leader in the home improvement and construction products industry, introduces the latest innovation in sealants, KWIK SEAL ULTRA™ Premium Siliconized Kitchen and Bath Sealant. The innovative formula features ultra hydrophobic technology coupled with easy application and long-lasting durability for a sealant that stays looking clean, fresh and new.

dapMold, mildew, dirt and stains can make sealants in kitchens and bathrooms look dirty and unsightly. Scrubbing away dirt and stains or replacing mildewed caulk is hard work and time consuming.  DAP® KWIK SEAL ULTRA™ changes everything. Mildew can’t grow, stains won’t stick and dirt rinses off.  Formulated with advanced ultra hydrophobic technology, DAP® KWIK SEAL ULTRA™ repels water, liquids, soap scum, stains and dirt so the sealant is easy to clean and stays looking fresh and new.

Backed by a lifetime mold and mildew resistance guarantee, KWIK SEAL ULTRA™ stays mold and mildew free for the life of the sealant. It has unparalleled stain proof protection, resisting the toughest stains such as grape juice, coffee, wine, mustard and more.  It is 100% waterproof and crack proof and safe for all surfaces, even granite and marble.

DAP® KWIK SEAL ULTRA™ is ready for water exposure in just four hours without washing out, putting the area back in service sooner.  Plus, it applies smoothly, cleans up easily with soap and water and is low in odor, making it ideal when working in enclosed spaces.

“Consumers—both do-it-yourselfers and professionals alike—want a kitchen and bath sealant that is going to stay looking clean and new, with minimal effort,” said Jennifer Johnson, Group Product Director at DAP. “KWIK SEAL ULTRA™ delivers on both by repelling water and dirt to provide a longer-lasting, cleaner looking bead of caulk.”

DAP® KWIK SEAL ULTRA™ is available in 10.1 fl. oz. cartridges or 5.5 fl. oz. squeeze tubes in white, clear and biscuit to match the most common kitchen and bath fixtures.

For purchase information, visit the “Where to Buy” section of the DAP website at

About DAP Products Inc.

DAP manufactures reliable, long-lasting products for contractors and DIYers. Headquartered in Baltimore, Md., DAP is a leading manufacturer of caulks, sealants, adhesives, insulating foam, spackling, glazing and other general patch and repair products. For more information about DAP products and applications, visit our website at

One thought on “Mildew Can’t Grow. Stains Won’t Stick. Dirt Rinses Off.

  1. The Jury is out on this one and will be for some time. I will certainly give it a try on My next job. It doesn’t exactly say what it is, but I can only assume that “siliconized” means that it is not 100% Silicone, which I like. Silicone is a real pain to work with and even harder to remove in the eventuality of it failing and needing to be replaced. This will be a God send if it actually performs even close to how well they claim it will.

    As with most mildew-proof products, It may not protect from the Mildew coming from behind, so I would recommend that whoever applies this, cleans the surface first with a mold killing agent (not Bleach) before application.

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