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Not the same old kitchen cabinets!

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Painting Kitchen Cabinets

How many of you offer specialty services like kitchen cabinet refinishing? Or countertops? I came across a few good examples of what can be done.

Tommy Johnson of JHC in Wilmington, North Carolina recently completed a project and shared it on his blog.

I chose Benjamin Moore Advance acrylic oil hybrid enamel for the finish after hearing many good things about the product from other painting contractors. This is a fairly new product to the market, and I was happy to see it perform like I have come to expect a Ben Moore product. I decided to brush the primer, mainly as a test to evaluate the handling and leveling of the primer. Primer applied very easily with a brush, and level like a champ. There is an eight hour cure time recommended, so the next day I sanded with 220 grit sandpaper.The finish was outstanding and again leveled nicely. After and eight hour cure the doors and drawers look fantastic, and the finish was nice and hard, showing a beautiful light sheen.  This finish will offer my client many years of beauty and durability.

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Alec Archibald of RCON Painting in Canada is also offering this service and shared his transformation also.

Black is becoming more and more popular in the kitchen these days. There was a time when silver and stark white tones were the defacto kitchen cabinet colour, but times have changed dramatically, and even more so in interior design. Black is the latest colour to take over the kitchen area, from black cabinets, to black counter tops and black flooring.

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Thanks for sharing those, excellent work by both. Have you got a kitchen cabinet job you recently finished? Share it with us by adding the link in the comment section or send me an email using the Contact Page.

7 thoughts on “Not the same old kitchen cabinets!

        1. Thanks for the compliments guys – and thanks for featuring me on you blog Chris!

          I totally agree Tommy – kitchen cabinet refinishing is an awesome niche to be in. Would love to see a finished pic of the black cabinets you did!

  1. Might take you up on that! Was thinking about doing a small piece on glazing cabinets/doing an antique finish – a kind of “how to” – maybe something along those lines?

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