Saturday, May 18, 2024
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Restoring and Preserving Historical Buildings Through Skillful Painting

To become a true professional painter, you must tackle hard projects. And there are few things tougher than cackling historical buildings! So, let’s review restoring and preserving historical buildings through skillful painting. Challenges in restoring historical buildings Working on historical buildings is a noble endeavor but comes with its fair share of challenges. After all, […]

Upselling Your Painting Services: Adding Value with Additional Offerings

If you want to profit from your painting business properly, you need to be smart with your approach. So, let’s go over upselling your painting services: adding value with additional offerings. Know Your Customer’s Needs To improve your painting business, understanding your customer’s needs is paramount. Conducting thorough consultations and assessments enables you to identify […]

The Why and How of Testimonials

Six marketing tips in letting your customers speak for you We all know positive reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations in the trades are essential marketing tools. Reviews and testimonials, whether written or visual, are designed to instill trust and confidence in your business by highlighting real-life customer experiences with your services. And the value of customers […]

Best Practices for Contractor Safety in Painting Projects

Emphasizing the importance of contractor safety in painting projects is crucial. As a professional painting contractor, you’re not just responsible for delivering high-quality work; you must also ensure the safety of both yourself and those around you during the execution of each project. That requires more than just the basic knowledge of painting; it involves […]

How to Build a Strong Team in the Trades

Despite rising inflation and increasing building materials costs, homeowner demand for remodeling and repair work is expected to continue to grow, according to the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University.  This is by and large great news for small contractors and repair companies. But as the skilled labor market continues to play hard […]

Shurtape Introduces Duck Pro® by Shurtape® BR Code™ Scannable Solutions

Powered by the BitRip® App, the Innovative New Portfolio of Scannable Tapes and LabelsConnects Physical and Digital to Help Organize Construction Projects and More HICKORY, N.C. (January 2023) – Shurtape Technologies, LLC, an industry-leading manufacturer and marketer of adhesive tape and consumer home and office products, announces the release of Duck Pro® by Shurtape® BR […]