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Painting Commercial Gyms: Help Your Clients Optimize Their Space!

Gyms have become an increasingly popular part of life for many health-conscious people. Whether it’s a membership to a smaller gym for women only, or a larger franchised gym that can be accessed anywhere in the United States, gyms can be found in every neighborhood. Of course, health is on the minds of the people visiting the gym, but what about the decor? Paint color can make or break the way a gym makes their members feel, and for this reason, commercial decor for these spaces is vital. The experts at CertaPro Painters of Midlothian invite you to discover some of the most effective colors to use when designing a commercial fitness space.

  • Certapro gym paintingGo Bold. Lime green and electric-blue create visual energy that can help members power through any work out. These colors are great because they can make a space appear brighter and full of life. Bright colors are perfect for gyms that are primarily going to be used for weight lifting and intense training. Electric Lime, Hyper Blue, and Center Stage by Sherman-Williams were made for commercial gym spaces.
  • Evoke Passion. Red is a great color for gyms that can provoke passion and even aggression, which can be good for an intense workout. The color also symbolizes action and power. Choosing a vibrant red that is not too bright will make the space a place that is motivating and intense. Color suggestions include Real Red, Cherry Tomato, and Fireworks by Sherman-Williams.
  • Work With A Blue-print. Blue works extremely well in gyms because it gives the space a cool feeling, helping to trick the mind and combat overheating during workouts. It is also a color that can evoke the feeling of success, which is key to keep motivation going in a gym. Try these shades of blue by Sherman- Williams – Bunglehouse Blue, Santorini Blue, and Stratford Blue.
  • Electrify With Hue. Orange is a great color because it is stimulating and can help members of a gym feel confident and strong, helping them to peak during their workouts. This color can also inspire bursts of energy, as some shades of the color are quite intense. Used sparingly, Energetic Orange, Knockout Orange, or Obstinate Orange by Sherman-Williams can add the right amount of energy and intensity to any gym space.
  • Let The Sun Shine In– A yellow that is not too bright can help brighten up a gym with minimal natural lighting. This color is associated with optimism and happiness and can help to keep gym members pushing through their workout. Sherman-Williams Decisive Yellow, Forsythia, and Daisy will bring in the sunshine to any commercial gym space.
  • Trust The Classics. Simple, neutral colors like beige and off-white are essential for yoga and meditation rooms. They are less distracting and help center focus during those types of workouts. These colors are also calming, so a feeling of relaxation falls upon gym members while using the spaces painted with these colors. Classic Sand, Sycamore Tan, Relaxed Khaki, and Pacer White by Sherman-Williams are great colors that are simple and calming.

Figuring out the perfect paint color for a gym may difficult, but don’t sweat it! Keep these colors in mind when you’re ready to paint a commercial gym space – often, using a combination of these colors works best!

Dan Harrison

Dan Harrison has deep roots to the Virginia area. His mom was born in Richmond and grew up in Dinwiddie, where his grandmother taught elementary school for 40+ years and his granddad ran the local bank. When not working with John and our painters developing customers for life, he spends his spare time with his family, playing tennis, golf, camping along with the many other activities they share together. He is a Class A Virginia Licensed Painting contractor.

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