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Presto Carpet Protection

carpet protection

Resized Carpet FilmPresto’s Carpet Protection Film is a temporary, yet extremely effective way to protect carpets from tracked in dirt, paint spills, dust, construction debris, and damage.

Presto Tape

Thanks to Presto Tape for providing samples to our readers.

Presto Carpet

Great tape that unrolled nicely. Rolled in an even manner and had a razor sharp edge. Noticed it is waterbase adhesive which is environmentally friendly. Also made in usa. Will purchase if available locally.
- Joel Hamberg

Presto Carpet Protection Film

This product rolled out nicely. It provided a nice walkway through the home we were painting. I noticed that there was a good amount of traction to it while walking around and moving tools. I left it down for a week to see if it would come u, however it stayed in place with heavy foot traffic. When removing it, a lot of dirt and particles came off of the carpet leaving it cleaner than before. I did notice that I had to be careful with removal on the stairs as it really stuck to them, and could pull up the carpet. Great product overall. I could tell the homeowners appreciated the extra mile. Michael Craine Craine Painting LLC
- Michael@ Craine Painting LLC

carpet protection film

I was impressed by this product. The job was a rough one that had us scraping wall paper glue, mudding the entire room sanding, priming and painting. The homeowner was very clear that the carpet need not be harmed in the process so we applied the carpet film before we started. It was easy to put down and didn't take much time. We then convered the rest of the floor and the film with drops. We used a ton of water to get the glue off and we used a ton of mud after that. This was a messy job that took us 5 days. The film stayed sticky the entire time and didn't really come up at all even on the edges even when it was wet. After we were done we balled it up with all of the dried glue mud and dust on it and tossed it. It came up with no problem and the carpet looked great. There was no holes or tears anywhere in the film and nothing got through. I would definitely use this product again.
- T.J. Santillo

Presto Carpet Protection

We used the Presto carpet protection on a good size living room repaint we did. It was very easy to use and much easier to put down and leave then using drops. It removed very easily and is wide enough to catch all sprinkles from rolling. We have used other carpet covering products and they were never wide enough to efficiently cover carpet for all sprinkles. We highly recommend this product to anyone.
- Neese's Painting LLC

Presto Carpet protection

Had the opportunity to use this immediately upon receipt. What a nice product. High end home and it sure leaves a nice impression when the homeowner sees this level of care taken in their property. The product rolls out smooth, is very sturdy, and comes off easily. Great product and I will use this often.
- Jerry Fancher

Presto carpet protection

Use this product out of plush carpet and it laid down easily. Stayed in place with no problems. Protector the carpet quite well for several days. Pulled up after 3 or 4 days and it was no problem whatsoever
- Asap painting

Presto carpet protector

Loved it ! Will order more for next job.
- Jeffrey

carpet film

The product is too sticky to the core of film and doesn't unroll in a nice even manner Especially towards the end of the roll it is too hard to pull off of the cote. It doeslay down nicely on carpet and pull off quickly. It is a niche pproduct that can fill a void for the painting contractor. Ifeel that theproduct from trimaco is a better product. Dispensing quicker and not such an aggressive tack to itself would make it a winner. Thanks for the sample.
- Joel Hamberg

Presto Carpet Protection Film

Similar to the Hard-Surface Floor Protection, the Carpet Protection left a little to be desired in how it unrolled from the roll and initially applied to the carpet. Due to how sticky the film is, it creates a slow and tedious process of application on your hands and knees. Once applied, the product performs extraordinary. We left the film over brand new carpet for over 10 days, and during that time, it never once came loose or allowed for any tears or spills. Removal was a very easy task with how effortlessly the film removed and how it was able to pick up all loose dust and dirt from under it, while at the same time, not pulling any fibers loose from the carpet.
- Tristan Hamberg

Presto carpet protection

Another great presto product to protect carpeting while painting. This film works very well in room repaints in front of the door area where the door swings into the room. No more bunched up tarps inside of an already cramped room. The product removes safety by gentle pulling and leaves behind no residue. Excellent!
- Roger Coulter
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