Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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Primed for Success: 100% Acrylic Insl-X Aqua Lock Plus

100% Acrylic Insulx Aqua Lock Plus

I am pleased to announce a new segment I will be doing in product reviews called Primed for Success. This segment will cover any and all primers we test and how you can expect them to perform.

Today’s post is about Insl-X Aqua Lock Plus AQ 0400 which is the white base. Application was to bare pine for interior window sills and cased openings on residential new construction. Most of the time when priming bare pine any good quality waterborne primer will work except for one area. Knots. They always seem to bleed through, and traditionally require a solvent based solution.

I am pleased to report that this primer performed so well that I was able to forgo the spot priming of knots with oil or shellac. It sands well, brushes easily, and sprays very flat. You can apply it at high mils with a mini jumbo roller, and sand heavily to equalize the surface producing better topcoat finish.


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