Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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Primed for Success: Sherwin Williams High Build Primer

In new construction, contractors must prepare all new surfaces for paint from scratch. There are many solutions available to prepare gypsum wallboard that will ensure a great finish. I was recently able to give SW High Build Primer B28W8601 my attention. We were also able to test the contractor grade high build B28W-V2200 Master Prep.

I have used Duron NC high build for years with great success, many know I am a big fan of this product. I am pleased to report that SW high build performs very similar. It can be applied at very high mils, and sands to a very flat- ready to paint surface. It also does a very good job of equalizing porosity from wall board paper to joint compound. Small variations in drywall, scratches, and sanding grooves will disappear after sanding. This is important for ensuring an even finish especially when top coats have a sheen like eggshell, satin, pearl, or semi-gloss.

My testing of Master Prep has shown it to not perform as well as its big sister, but for almost half the cost I wouldn’t expect it to. I found it didn’t cover/hide or spread as easily. It also did not equalize joints as well, showing more absorption when the first top coat was applied. The biggest drawback I found was poorer sand-ability. Still for the cost, I think it performed well enough.

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