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Submitting a Professional Estimate

professional estimates


PEP announces the eBid!

How does it work? You put together a company profile to highlight your latest projects, your history, your values – a professional estimate is what sets you apart from the rest. When it comes time to make a bid for a job, you can select to include this company information as part of the online/digital quote presentation. Also included in the eBid quote are a variety of products (good, better, best) from which the client to choose. And then, of course, the actual quote.

 Here’s the awesome part!

Data collection – that all-important piece of business success. When you submit an eBid proposal to a client, you can actually see how much time she spends reading the presentation. You can see which pages she reads and which ones she skips over. This information tells you whether she’s interested in your company and the quality of work you do, or if she’s just looking at cost. And this information gives you an opportunity to provide a little extra customer service. Since you can see when the client is viewing the proposal, you can perfectly time a follow up phone call with, “Hey, I was just thinking about your project. Do you have any questions?”

eBids are ready to close more sales, improve bottom lines, and create happier clients. Find out more at Paint Estimating or click here to see an example.


7 thoughts on “Submitting a Professional Estimate

  1. CALLING ALL PAINTERS! If you are still doing estimates using manual excel or word documents, you are only hurting yourself! PEP Cloud not only helps you achieve more consistent pricing, look more professional, and track your project financials, it also allows you to save hours upon hours to work ON BUILDING YOUR BUSINESS! Spend more time on the important things, like marketing and creating customer relationships!

    In addition, the new eBID feature creates even more versatility with your presentation, while demonstrating your company’s attention to detail. It also facilitates the customer’s ability to sign on with you! Just your presentation and professional proposal can set you leaps and bounds ahead of your competition!

    The owners of PEP Cloud are super helpful and dedicated to ensuring your success with the software! If you see this post and do not at least check it out, you may really be limiting your business! Good luck!

  2. Very brilliant and creative. At the same time non-biased. Finally others that aren’t all about greed and self centered. Not only are customers happy, but so are “We the Painters” are also. Great work…. !

  3. Jerry, Thank you! our goal here at PEP Cloud is to make the industry stronger. I have been a painter all my life (starting at age 15, working for my Dad, who was a builder) and I have made a good living off of this trade, so now it is time to give back!
    Again thank you,

    1. Marge,
      Don’t thank me, I thank you! I wish this site was around back in 1992.. Very cool! Now if I could just get some work! Lol… I have a few bids out there, but you know how that could go. Especially out here in Las Vegas.. I do think its picking up though. Again , Thank-You Marge. You’re wonderful. I started painting with my Dad at age 15 also. His Dad (my Grandpa) was also a painter. Its all I’ve ever known. And booooy, alot has changed in the last 20 years. And this website is just what an old-school painter need.. Awesome.. Your new Fan, Jerry May.

      1. Hi Jerry, glad to hear you are enjoying the site, we are lucky to have contributors like Marge who are dedicated to educating painters and helping the industry to “raise the bar”. Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss anything, welcome to the community!

  4. I have used Marge’s estimating software for about two years now. I have gotten to know the software so well that I can now set up my own, “surfaces”, “Items per hour”, and labor rates for different situations. There is a tremendous amount of pre-set information already included in the software. We have grown our business over 300% since we started using PEP, thanks to the professional detailed estimates it provides.

    Thank You Marge and Fred!

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