Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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Propeller-Using Technology to manage your business

While at the PDCA Trade Show I saw several new products, one booth was giving away little wooden propellers, which caught my husband’s eye and while he was having fun twirling, I talked to the rep. It looked interesting , so I asked him to send me some more info and Adam was very responsive, and set me up with a demo account to check it out.

Propeller is an online business management tool built specifically for painters. Propeller simplifies typical paper and pencil tasks by moving them online.

Features included within Propeller are customer managing, scheduling, estimating, project managing, invoicing, and reporting. One key feature includes our multiple estimating forms. Currently, Propeller contains two estimating forms that can both be used to quickly and accurately give customer onsite estimates.  Also, we are working close with our customers to add additional “more complex” estimating forms to fit the more detailed oriented contractors. Another key feature is our project manager.  Within the project manager a contractor can schedule and mange employees for jobs, track employee time, and order products from paint store across the country. Lastly, reporting is another key feature. Propeller gives painters the ability to get the numbers they need to effectively improve their company. Reports are continually being added.  

Unlike typical software packages, Propeller avoids high upfront costs. Payment terms are flexible based on the painters needs and collected month to month with no contracts. Propeller currently offers two plans with a third soon to come. Our basic plan is free to use and gives painters the ability to manage customers, schedules and estimates. Our $30 per month Pro plan takes the basic plan and adds the ability to manage projects, invoices, and reports. Coming soon, our Advanced plan will include all the previously mentioned features in addition to Quickbooks integration, customer online bill pay, and advanced reporting. The price for the advanced plan will be $60 per month when it is released.

The goal of Propeller is to provide the easiest business management system for painters. Propeller is constantly changing and improving with every additional member’s ideas. Learn more about how Propeller aims to improve your business at getpropeller.com

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Thanks Adam for the information!


I have looked at many CMS systems and found that most of the good ones are geared towards General Contractors and not Painting Contractors, meaning they often have way more than we need, and the price tag to go along with it. This one looks like it might be a good fit for us. I look forward to looking at it closer and providing a review, but meanwhile, feel free to sign up yourself for the free version and let us know what you think!


4 thoughts on “Propeller-Using Technology to manage your business

    1. Thanks for the feedback Nick, that does look like another great program. I should have added that as a Mac user, my options have been limited to mainly web based software. I like the fact I can use this on my Ipad, it is nice to have options!

  1. Chris,I enjoyed your review.I have created a program that does a very detailed estimate and will build a proposal, work order, material and do your job costing. The program just went on line April 12. We are still working hard to refine things. After 38 years in the painting trade I tried to create this to help Painting Contractors run their business. If you would like to look at this program a little deeper, please email me and I will give you a log in code. Thank you
    Steve Miller

    1. Steve, thanks for stopping by. I am working on a review of Propeller for a future piece and would be happy to take a look at yours as well. I have your email and will be in touch, thanks!

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