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Roll a Bucket

roll a bucket

roll a bucketSteve Enguita is a painting contractor and has been in the  painting business since 2001. Steve knows how physically demanding it is to work on a paint job. Being up and down a ladder all day, as well as moving a 23 pound paint bucket every few feet, is not easy. 

Steve knew of a painters trick to complete the job faster by using a commercial mop bucket. Although the mop bucket was an easier way to paint, it wasn’t made specifically for painters. This prompted him to pursue the “paint bucket on wheels” idea.

Read more about his story here.

Check out the Roll a Bucket here, let us know what you think if you have tried one!

President / CEO

When I received the Roll a Bucket I gave it to my lead painter to try out. He really liked the Roll a Bucket, he stated \\\"the Roll a Bucket works great for any job interior or exterior, rolls very easy\\\".\r\nHe has used it on several jobs already and really likes the product.
- Steven Gloyer

Roll-A-Bucket Is AMAZING!

Wow! What an amazing product! It makes painting interiors, exteriors, floors, decks, and patios a breeze. We were sliding regular paint trays on the floor or moving them from place to place, which is, obviously, inefficient, messy, and difficult. With the Roll-A-Bucket, you get a sturdy pail that you do not have to keep refilling or wiping up drips that flow over the sides. Not only is the Roll-A-Bucket innovative and practical, it is extremely well built with durable plastic and sturdy rubber wheels. It rolls so smoothly, and, without feeling like it is going to fall apart on you. We are continuously using this product and it has helped us get jobs done faster, cleaner and with less backaches!\r\n\r\nIf you are thinking about trying the Roll-A-Bucket, go for it! You will super happy you did!\r\n\r\n
- Matty Costantino

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5 thoughts on “Roll a Bucket

  1. I hired a subcontractor that had this on a commercial job space we were doing. I had just seen it at the local Sherwin Williams pro show. I had to ask how he liked it and he quite simply gushed about how much he loved it. He said it went every where with him and that he could not wait for one that would possibly fit an 18″ roller. His comments and the ease of operation certainly is making me consider the purchase of a few. “Hey Mikey… Try it you’ll like it”

  2. Hi Virgil, My husband, Steve is the painter that designed this product. When there is paint in the bucket and you are loading the roller, the weight of the paint will keep the bucket from moving. Some people liked the idea of having a brake, so Steve added a brake to one of the wheels in the back. I am sure there are many concerns over how effective this will work on a job. However, Steve, being in the business for many years, has worked out all the last details.The back part of the bucket is even slanted so that all of the paint gathers in the front of the bucket.

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