Saturday, May 18, 2024
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The First Hangout!

website review

We had the first of what we plan to be a monthly feature here at BP. Our Live Google Hangout of a website review by Darren Slaughter and Tess Wittler was held on 7/18/21012. I’d like to thank the folks who joined and participated.

As with anything new, there is a learning curve, and add using new technology, it tends to makes it even more interesting! Darren, Tess and I did a few practice sessions and everything went well. During the hangout, I had some server issues and since I was the one recording, it did not record everything, but Tess and Darren continued. Make sure to scroll past the error message to see what Tess has to say during the end.

So what did we learn?

We’ll have to wait to hear from Robert of Clinton’s Painting to know what he thought about the advice he got, but I am pretty excited about the concept. I do believe Google Hangouts is an incredible tool to connect people and share information. The Hangouts on Air has a lot of potential, but with any technology, it has to be consistent, and by looking at the Google Help forums, there are working on it!

There are other options we are looking at, like Go to Meeting, but Google Hangouts is free. We will keep looking at ways to deliver meaningful content to our readers, but would love to hear what you think, please comment below!


4 thoughts on “The First Hangout!

  1. Hi Chris

    There were some very good points made. Review of websites is such a broad topic. Consider breaking the topic down into smaller bites. In the webinars I have done – I spend a lot of time on the home page as an example. Then I move on to other essential pages. Even when I spend 20 minutes on a section there are plenty of follow up questions.


    1. Good points Mike, I attended your presentation at PDCA in Las Vegas, you covered a lot of information! What platform are you using for webinars? Thanks for commenting!

  2. Good stuff Chris. I think we owe Rob a proper, full-throated review, so maybe we can try his site again once we figure out the tech side of the house. All in all, great concept to help not just painters, but anyone with a website.

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