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The Paint Jack-Not your average bucket hook.

djltools paint jack

Several months ago I had the pleasure of meeting Dave of DJLTools online at He humbly introduced himself, and wanted to get his new product into the hands of some pros and get some feedback. Shortly after that introduction, I and several other painting contractors got one of his latest products, The Paint Jack. This is a bucket holding tool for working off an extension ladder. Very solid, and sturdy in design, however at first I had my doubts about it being a viable alternative to the bucket hook we are accustomed to using.

djltools paint jack

I was happy to find that in my experience with the paint jack, it not only worked as intended I actually felt comfortable using it. After attaching it to a gallon can, it simply slides inside the hollow rung on an aluminum ladder. The can is allowed to move back and forth depending on the angle of your ladder, and it holds firm. I found it did a better job than a bucket hook with keeping your brush upright, which means your brush doesn’t get as messy. After using it for several weeks I got back in touch with Dave, and he was pleased to do a short Q&A.


Me: How did you come about the idea for the design for the original paint jack?

Dave: I was painting trim on a house and I was using a coat hook to hold an almost full gallon on a ladder.  Needless to say the coat hanger broke. I was holding the remains with my hand and I thought if I could make a hook to go into the ladder.  Well after a lot of help from a bunch of people I have the Paint Jack.

Me: I see since we met you now have new products, the Paint Jack 2, and an adaptor for wooden ladders. Was the decision to make this from feedback you received on about a demand for using a deuce?

Dave: It was partially from the folks on the web site and from James Dowd ( Jim has been helping me with testing and general showing the tool around.  We have redesigned the Paint Jack 2 and will be coming out with a much improved and less costly version in a few weeks.

Me: How much demand are you seeing for the adapter for wooden ladders?

Dave: We aren’t getting many sales for wooden ladder adaptor yet.  But I have been told that most of the world paints from wooden ladders.  I mainly have it because someone asked what if they have a wooden ladder.  So we made the adaptor. It is there if someone wants one.

Me: Where are your products currently being marketed other than your website?

Dave: Our market presence is small right now. We are working on a contract for a manufacture rep that has access to the big box stores.

Me: What plans do you currently have for bringing in new products?

Dave: We do have a few products waiting in the wings but finances are sort of limited

Me: I suggested something that to my knowledge no one has, or I have never see that you may want to look into. That is a plastic leveler that would attach to the bottom of a gallon can for painting on roofs or uneven surfaces.

Dave: I liked that idea and do have a prototype made and is being tested.  Will keep you updated.

Me: Thanks for your time Dave and best of luck on your future products.

Dave: Thank you for helping with this project.


Dave really seems like a great guy. I think anyone who is willing to listen to what pros want; putting their products in our hands to use in the field deserves attention. I enjoyed writing this article, and look forward to using any new products from DJL tools.


Head over to today and check out their products today.

Editors Note: The Paint Jack is being considered as a retail product, vote here.

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