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Top 5 Strategies for Succeeding on Houzz

houzz-logoMarketers pledge all the time about the importance of social media and how you should incorporate the use of it into your marketing campaign. There are a lot of markets where social channels are pretty easy to work with, but when it comes to the painting industry that’s not always true.

It can be difficult getting in touch with homeowners who are specifically looking for professional painters. One would say the best option is a social channel or platform tailored specifically for home improvement. Believe it or not, such a thing already exists – it’s called Houzz. Think of it as the Pinterest of the remodeling world.

Houzz is not just another social platform like Facebook or Twitter, it’s a lot more. It also serves as an in-depth business directory, native search engine, portfolio, idea scrap book and marketing tool. Currently, it has a user base of over five million which continues to grow every day.

Interior designers, architects, contractors and more can upload projects to the site as examples for potential customers. Homeowners visit the site to look for ideas, and they find content by searching the network with various keywords. If they find a project or idea they like, they can save it in their own library or share it with others.

How does this help the businesses or professionals who are active on the platform? Every time a user saves a project idea and shares it, the byline stays. That means the brand or business associated with the content is advertised freely. In that respect, anyone who looks at the project photos or examples – and wants something similar done to their home – knows exactly who to contact. This is your chance to wow everyone with your exceptional painting skills.

As with any other social platform, there are a few ways that you can maximize brand exposure on Houzz. Here are five tips that will help you optimize your marketing strategy.



5. Flesh Out Your Profile

Ensure that your brand or business profile is complete, yet interesting. Include a good profile picture, a relevant and detailed company description and clear contact information. Whether you specialize in interior and exterior painting or granite countertops, make sure you provide that information right along with your credentials.

The more you upload, the higher the chance that your photos will make it into a popular collection.
The more you upload, the higher the chance that your photos will make it into a popular collection.

4. Upload Consistently

At every opportunity, upload high-quality photos of your projects. The more design examples and ideas that you have available, the more likely your content is going to be discovered and passed around.

3. Target the Right Keywords

houzz-followingThis is a lot like one of the more common SEO practices. Always use accurate and descriptive keywords for any photos and projects that you share. This will make your content more visible because keywords are what others users rely on to discover new ideas, designs or projects.

2. Watch the Competition

Follow as many of your peers as you can and observe them closely. Not only will this keep you up to date on the latest trends, it will also keep you in the loop as to what your rivals are doing. You may even find a bit of inspiration from them.


1. Encourage User Reviews

Always encourage your clients and customers to leave reviews. Reviews will remain visible to the community – positive or negative – and they really help establish trust. If you can get more than two or three positive reviews on your Houzz profile, you’ll have a great reputation to show for it.


Houzz is Still a Social Media Platform at its Core

It’s also important to note that while Houzz is different in many ways, it is also comparable to existing social media networks. In fact, if you already have experience with social marketing of any kind you’ll be much better off. That’s not to say it’s a difficult platform for beginners to work with.

The most important thing to remember is that you must always remain consistent and continue to offer content regularly to your followers. This will keep your profile fresh and relevant, and it will also entice interested parties to come back and see what new ideas and projects you’re working on. It will also help generate more leads in the long run when potential customers stumble across examples of your previous work. You’ll see more and more people saying:

Oh wow, I really love this paint job. I think I’m going to get in touch with [insert your business name here]!

Do you use Houzz? Share your experience with our other readers in the comments below!

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