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Prevent Flash Rusting with CHLOR*RID

chlor rid

Industrial surfaces are painted to protect  from corrosion, abrasion, rust, and other elements that can affect life of the painted surface.

Industrial surfaces or equipment generally consist of iron, stainless steel, and other metals.  And although strong, these metals have their vulnerabilities, which require special treatment to make them resistant to corrosion. Surface preparation is not only the process of removing visible contaminants like dust but also removal of salts from the surface. If salts, especially chlorides and sulfates, are left on the industrial surface, it hampers integrity of paint systems. In industrial painting, a greater attention has to be paid towards removing salts from surface before applying paint. 

Salts can be found on surfaces of industrial equipment due to the presence of salt water, industrial emissions, chlorinated water, or de-icing salts. These salts attract moisture from air and may result in an “underfilm” metallic corrosion and blistering that occurs beneath the coating. If left unchecked and unaddressed, corrosion can continue even with a new coat, penetrating deeper into the substrate and causing rust to bleed out of the new coat.  Salts cause high failure rates, which is why it is very important to remove soluble salts and thoroughly clean the surface prior to the paint application.   

CHLOR*RID, a soluble salt remover developed by CHLOR*RID International Inc., is recommended for surface preparation of metals, concrete, plastics, wood and other surfaces. It can be used for both ferrous and non-ferrous metal surfaces and also as a maintenance solution to prevent corrosion. Chemical composition of CHLOR*RID enables it to bond with salt ions that are present on surfaces, thus removing salts from the surface when washing the surface. Features of CHLOR*RID that make it popular and preferred solution for soluble salt remover include:

Health safety for applicator and anyone else around, as it does not have any harmful health hazards.

It is chemically composed of organic bonding, a patented and unique method for removal of soluble salt ions.

It is biodegradable and does not contain VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). 

It reduces rates of corrosion and coating failure and is effective for removal of soluble salts on most surfaces present in industries.

It is cost effective and more effective than other methods or products of salt contamination.

It does not use hazardous chemicals or heat for eliminating ions of salts from surface. 

It does not require special equipment, application, nor diluting or field mixing, and can be applied with a power washer. 

Painters that experience failure due to salt are often a result of inadequate preparation.  Although soluble, water is not enough to remove salt from surfaces.  Salt ions have a powerful bond to substrates, which require more than just rinsing with water.  What makes CHLOR*RID work is its ability to remove the nitrates, chlorides, and sulfates from surfaces that influence salt’s powerful bond.  Once CHLOR*RID is power washed to the contaminated surface, the nitrate, chlorides, and sulfates are removed, weakening salt’s bond, making it easier to remove from the surface.   

chlor rid

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