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Top 7 Ways to Convert Social Media Leads to Sales

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1. Know your platform and optimize your profile 

Advertising on social media is a great way to get your painting business noticed by all the right people, but how do you convert those all-important and hard-won leads into sales, without too much stress and effort? Here are seven ways to effectively make conversions and ensure your social media campaign is a success. 

Understand the demographics and behaviour of the users of your platform and create a profile of your perfect buyer, the kind of person that’s really looking for painting services like yours. Sum up what you do in a tempting nutshell and include all the ways a customer can contact you – by phone, email, or message – and encourage them to get in touch with you for a quote on the work they need. Also, don’t forget call-to-action buttons.

2. Make your content clickable 

You’re competing with a lot of other painting businesses in your area, and all the content they put out, so make sure yours grabs attention. Images need to be high-quality; your copy needs to be even better. Be creative and eye catching, and make sure users have somewhere irresistible to click, with a clear path to your landing page. Your landing page also needs to be user-friendly and super-relevant. Once they end up on your landing page, it should show them why your painting business is the one to choose.

3. Offer great incentives

People always need a reason to share information with you and buy from you, so give them as many as you can in terms of incentives like competitions, sweepstakes, giveaways, and exclusive content. You’re in a crowded market when it comes to painting contractors, so anything that offers your social media followers something extra is going to be a winner. Having those incentives will get people following you, and they’ll keep you in mind when they’re ready to hire. 

4. Don’t make all your content about sales 

If all you do is ask social media users to hire your services right now, you’re going to turn them off. Users don’t want to be beaten into submission with in-your-face ads, they want to see content that’s actually useful and relevant to their needs. “You will connect far more meaningfully with followers if they like your content,” says Terence Mitchell, a business writer at State of writing and OX Essays, “so don’t concentrate on making sales alone, try creating how to guides, guides on different paint types, things that your customers want to know about.”


5. Post everyday 

Posting daily on social media is a must. You want to engage your followers and retain that engagement; if you disappear for a few days they may forget about you. Give your followers snappy, effective reminders about who you are and what you offer, and you’ll be sure to both stay in their minds and make them more likely to go ahead and make a sale. 

6. Nurture your hot leads

A hot lead is someone who appears interested by reacting to and commenting on your posts. These are people who are on the brink of conversion – help them over the edge by contacting them personally. “You could send them a personalized email, or video clip, or offer them their own special promotion,” says Anthony McGill, a business blogger at UK Writings review and Revieweal. “If you make hot leads feel special, they’re more likely to become customers.’

7. Keep an eye on your results

You’ll only know if your social media campaign is successful if you examine the results. Track what is and isn’t working for you and then you can tweak your campaign accordingly. Results to keep a check on are the number of people you’ve reached, the quantity of leads generated, click-throughs, and how many subsequent times you’ve been hired for painting jobs. 

Social media is great for business, but only if you keep your eye on all elements of the game. Think about the profile of your followers and make your own the best it can be. Make sure you have fantastically relevant clickable content, don’t bombard followers with spammy content, and always track your results, and you’ll turn leads into conversions with ease. 

Rebecca Leigh writes on marketing strategy for Write my essay and Paper Fellows. She is a regular at tech and marketing conferences, is a business consultant, and writes for online magazines and blogs like Write my assignment.

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