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Website Review-Patrick Miller Painting

patrick miller painting

Website Review

December’s website review featured Patrick Miller Painting of Long Beach, California. Patrick has designed and built his site himself using Microsoft Expression and Dreamweaver. Darren Slaughter and Tess Wittler were on the panel.

Home Page

As soon as we started, Google threw us a curve ball and we lost the first  few minutes, so go to 7:19 to begin.

Darren talked about the size of the home page , the font and the colors. Here is a site you can use to check how your site looks in different screen resolutions. Darren also suggested using the same font throughout the site.

Tess made some suggestions on reworking some of the copy for better flow. One suggestion was to use less of “I” and more “You”, Tess suggested using WeWe to monitor the use.

The photos were discussed and it was agreed that a slider should be added to show the projects on the front page, it was noted that Patrick has done a great job titling the photos.

Projects and Photo Gallery

Patrick has some excellent before and after photos and Tess talked about how he could use those as a Project Spotlight.


Some of the content here can be repurposed in other areas. There is enough material there to create several pages. Darren said, “forget about the search engines, write for your customer”. Tess noted that he needs to add his locations in to the content organically.

About Us

Darren talked about the navigation flow and how to improve it for better flow. Testimonials were discussed as well. Tess talked about creating some content that talks about of the “face of the company”.

Contact Us

Again, Captcha and spam were discussed.

External Links

The Team explained how he can use that information by weaving it into the content, rather than have customers leave the site via those links.

Thanks to all that participated!

4 thoughts on “Website Review-Patrick Miller Painting

  1. We are constantly updating and changing our website. I want our clients to know we know what we are doing. It doesn’t hurt to inform people of the basics too. Plus, with all these new No VOCs products, it’s good to get the word out, maybe might be able to paint all year round if people new the facts!!

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