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Looking for feedback on your website?

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Are you trying to be a paint contractor and website developer?

Many of us wear several hats in our companies, trying to do every task, thinking we are saving time by spending precious hours on building websites, creating marketing campaigns, keeping up with Social Media, etc. We have discussed at length here on BP on ways that we can outsource some of these things. But let’s face it, many of us will continue to try to do it all, some may enjoy the process, some want to have the control, or some just don’t have the budget.

Sound familiar?

Let’s look at website/blog building. Does this sound familiar? Buy a domain, use a generic platform and add:

  • Stock Photos-How many times have we seen this green living room?
  • Home Page-“We are licensed, insured and do Quality work”
  • Contact Page- “For a free estimate, fill this out”
  • About Us Page- “We are so wonderful, blah, blah, blah”
  • Our Projects- A page filled with photos that have no description

And then wait for the leads to pour in! And when they don’t,  start scratching your head, maybe you are part of an online painting forum and post it there asking “please review my website” and get several responses, some very good and some from helpful, but possibly misguided folks in your same shoes.

How do you know when it’s right?

As professionals, we know that customers rely on us to choose the right products and processes because we have spent years educating ourselves. We know what we are talking about. It is no different for someone who creates websites and content. Yet it is hard to find someone we can trust, especially someone who understands contractor marketing. Here at BP our goal is to help Painting Contractors connect with the professionals that can help us to understand the intricacies of correct web design.

A Tune-up for your Website:

BP is launching a new pilot program where paint contractors can get their sites critiqued and ready to be tweaked. Two of our colleagues will be helping us initiate this series by giving website feedback in a live Google Hangout.

darren slaughter offers website feedback
Darren Slaughter

Darren Slaughter gets it, his video riffs on Youtube cut to the chase and gives contractors specific action points they can use to improve their websites.  He understands how websites should function and shares a lot of great advice in many forms. His newsletters are full of practical tips to improve your business, check it out here.

tess wittler offers website feedback
Tess Wittler

Tess Wittler is a content Goddess, she just plain knows how to write! She has some great ideas on how to improve your content and tie it all together with Social Media. She understands how to write copy that will engage your customers. She is another that freely gives advice on her site here.



What do you need to do?

Fill out the the contact form below. Thats it. This article will serve as the ongoing conduit to the series. Darren and Tess will be selecting one site per month to review. We will host the reviews using the venue of Google Hangouts, so you can participate or be a spectator in your own or other paint contractors site reviews.


You will need a Google + page and to follow us here so we can add you to the hangout circle. We will be doing the Hangouts on the third Wednesday of every month at 8:00 pm Eastern time and reviewing live. If your site is chosen, you must be able to attend.

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23 thoughts on “Looking for feedback on your website?

  1. Chris, what a superb idea! this could help a lot of people, like me! not that SEO or web orientated!
    The content and appearance of any site is of great importance, so any help, on my part at least, is most welcome.

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