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What Color Should I Paint My Nursery?

Wondering what color to paint your nursery? Having a girl? Paint the nursery pink. Having a boy? Paint the nursery blue. This seems to be the obvious choice but is it the right one?  Many times parents immediately think just pink or just blue when they are deciding on what color to paint a nursery but this is not always the best choice. There are more options and paint colors that you may want to consider.


When  an expecting Mom finds out she’s having a girl or guesses she’s having a girl, right away images of pink walls prance through her mind. Pink, pink, pink, pink and more pink! But is this really a good idea? Many moons again when I found out I was having a girl, I too waddled to the paint store and bought the most perfect color choice for my baby girls’ room,  so I thought.



I had a few weeks to enjoy the perfect pink nursery until my bundle of joy arrived then it happened. The gifts started coming in. The decor started coming in AND all the pink started coming in! It was a pink bombardment! Pink dresses, pink dolls, pink plushes, pink sheets, pink bottles, pink mobiles, pink shoes, pink toys, pink this, pink that … see the problem here? There was way too much pink in the room.

Pottery Barn
Pottery Barn

Now there’s nothing wrong with a pink nursery and perfectly acceptable to make EVERYTHING pink if you want that look. It can be very beautiful however, think about this for just a moment. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a little differentiation in the room to break  up the pink just a bit? To choose a wall color to make the pink decor in the room standout instead of just blending in? I think so. Here are two of the colors I love to suggest.


Why are they so great? Because they are a both a universal color choice that will work well if you have either a girl or a boy. How many times have you heard the story of the expecting parents who were sure they were having a girl and went pink crazy only having to find out  they had a boy? Colors similar to these are a really safe bet and they both look fab with pink decor if you have a girl or blue decor if you have a boy. If you’re worried that they are not gender specific enough for your baby keep in mind that the rest of the decor in the room will be color coded enough to signify that there is a baby boy or baby girl in this room.

In about 5 years when your child gets older your nursery will be ready to be repainted then you can go blue or pink all the way! Just something to think about parents 🙂


2 thoughts on “What Color Should I Paint My Nursery?

  1. Just want to add here that when you do decide on a color for your nursery, you have the option to use low or zero VOC paint which is always advisable for the nursery.

  2. These are indeed great suggestions for a nursery room. Neutra, simple, and cozy. It can also be played with decorative designs or other painting patterns and addition should you decide to transform the room in the future.

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