Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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Why can’t I say anything I want?

Online ReputationOne thing that internet has done is to create a sense of anonymity for many, it allows us to sit behind our keyboards and say anything we want behind our made up screen names. But what if you have a Google profile, and post on forums, blogs and listserv’s with your real name and company name. Does it concern you that if a potential customer were to google your name that they would find you somewhere online like on a forum complaining about your last customer, or  on Facebook wrapped around a keg at last Saturday’s yard party?


Here is a great article from Mashable on ways to manage your online reputation.

It’s a fair bet that your boss, dates and anyone you give your business card to will type your name into a search engine. If something negative appears in the results, your online reputation can quickly damage your offline reputation — and affect your life.

Another interesting article.

Something to think about!

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