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Write better content with keyword research

keyword research

The most valuable knowledge you can have in business is to know how your prospects are thinking. It’s a lot harder than it sounds!

For most of us, me included, when we start to do content marketing, we either draw a blank when we sit down to talk about something, or write an entire article and then delete it because it doesn’t sound relevant when we finish. Or you might think you are knocking it out of the park, and yet you get no traffic, or no conversions, or no closed jobs from your marketing.

What about designing your website, or optimizing it properly? It’s common for us as painting contractors to optimize our whole site for a certain phrase, like “painting contractor {city}” and then find out later that it’s not even how people search for us.

Mistakes like this show you how important it is to learn to do keyword research. Even more critical to realize is that all of the clients I’m talking about already had a “SEO” guy working for them to put the site together, and they didn’t get any good advice from them, because the SEO person was asking the contractor what to optimize for.

Make sure when you hire someone to do SEO on your site, that they are bringing more to the table that knowing how to put the keywords in the right spots, like the title tag and URL and H1 tag. There is a lot more to doing good SEO than repeating a phrase over and over throughout your entire website.

Let’s take a look at Google’s Keyword planner to see how we can put it to good use, and get some insights from it. Please keep in mind, some of the things I’m sharing here are part of my “Secret Sauce” and I really debated even touching on these points, because I wasn’t sure about putting them out into the public. However, I believe in anaswering everything your prospects ask,  so I’m going to share them with you.

First, you need to have a Google Adwords account, which is free. Then you can use the Keyword Planner tool.

Open up the Adwords Account page after you’re all set up, and click over on the “Tools and Analysis” tab at the top. It will drop down a menu that you can select Keyword Planner from, near the bottom.

Now, you have the choice to “search for new keyword and adgroup ideas” the top choice on the Keyword planner tool.

This will pop open a box, like this:

Keyword marketing tools
Starting point for Keyword Planner

I use “painting services” as the product or service many times, but you can also use house painting, or exterior house painting, etc, to change the results you get at the end. Keep a list of different “seed” services you use, and see what different results you get.

Next, you can enter a landing page. If you want to base the words on what you already have going on your site, put yours in here.

Now here’s part of the “Secret Sauce of Keyword Research”, a really good strategy is to…..

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2 thoughts on “Write better content with keyword research

  1. Hi Rich,
    Great article! you were spot on with your keyword predictions. I ran multiple searches this morning and was amazed about what my customers are looking for. Thanks for the tips

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