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5 challenges with time sheets, and what you can do about it…

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It seems apparent these days that using paper time sheets can be time-consuming and expensive for you and your business.

My name is Neville Solomon, and after personally interviewing over 50 painting business owners across the country that still use time sheets, the majority have told me the challenges it brings them, and how it’s putting a dent in their business. You may have noticed these in your business as well; but just in case, but here’s what I’ve been told:

  1. Hours a month spent are lost solving missing entries – For many, the hours that they pay employees or themselves in their businesses to process payroll can be lost. Some are spent chasing down employees to figure out when they actually clocked-in or out, because they forgot to fill in certain parts of the time sheets. Those hours can be put to better use.
  2. They may lead to late paychecks for employees – Because it can only take one late or missing time sheet out of the week, payroll must be put to a halt or postponed to find the information needed to ensure accurate paychecks are given. This can cause an unnecessary delay in paychecks, which (reasonably) doesn’t make anyone very happy.
  3. Employees can lie about when and where they’ve clocked in – Employees have been known to arrive late to a job site, but say that they arrived just on time on the time sheet – And owners may never know because they can’t always be there. The worst case scenario: an employee could say that they clocked in, but never arrived to work at all!
  4. They may be paying employees more than they worked – Because employees can actually be working fewer hours than they said on the time sheet, people have said that they can be throwing away precious revenue on paying them more than they deserved. If you can imagine an employee even stealing just 1 hour total per week (12 mins per working day), that means that in a year, you’ve thrown away 52 hours of wages from revenue. And that’s just for one of your employees!
  5. They have less money and time to spend on growing their business – With all the money and time saved by no longer using paper time sheets and finding a better solution, they would be able afford more things in their business that can allow it to grow and prosper. Or at least just have more time to relax and enjoy all the time that they can save.  Unfortunately this currently isn’t the case.

What are the alternatives to paper time sheets?

There are a few digital alternatives to paper time sheets that can solve some of these challenges, but most of them require a strong commitment of time for setting up and training, and were not made for this specific industry so are missing certain features. These were some of the reasons painters haven’t switched to them already.

Further interviewing these 50 painting business owners, I’ve asked them exactly what they desired in a solution to help their business. They said they wanted:

  • A software system where employees can clock in on their phones and digitally have all their hours sent to one place to save time spent tracking down and solving issues on time sheets.
  • A software system that can track not just when, but WHERE an employee clocked in through phone GPS, to ensure they clocked in correctly and aren’t stealing wages from your business.
  • A software system that’s incredibly simple and intuitive. Where they can just set it up, and get everyone in the business knowing and using it within the same day, compared to others that take time to learn and utilize.
  • A software system that’s combined with a simple scheduling system. A scheduling system where employees could see their next job from their phones, to save time communicating with them on where to go, and what to do next.

In response to these challenges and desires, I’ve worked hard over the last 4 months, and built a simple, easy to use, and effective time tracking and scheduling software, built specifically for painters and other contractors with their feedback.

This software is called Job Wizard. More information on how it works can be found here.

How to get Job Wizard in your business

I’m currently accepting 20 companies in the beta who would like their time tracking and/or scheduling challenges to disappear for good with this simple software solution. These 20 companies will get to use Job Wizard free for 2 weeks.

In addition, the last date for accepting applicants will be on March 10th, where we will no longer accept applicants and will release Job Wizard to people who have signed up.

Each company signed up will personally have their account set up by me with all their employees already added for them, along with a personal tour to ensure they understand and have every question answered – although I will always be a phone call or email away. I want to do my best to ensure that you, and everyone in your business will be ready to start using Job Wizard the very next day after the tour.

The Beta will last 2 weeks starting on March 10th and will end on March 24th. While it is in session, everyone is able to use Job Wizard at no charge.  During that time we’d love to gain your feedback to make Job Wizard even better! 2 days before the free beta ends, we will send a pricing sheet to all users in order to continue using Job Wizard if they have found it valuable to their business.

If you feel that you can relate to any of the 5 challenges listed above, and desire this simple and intuitive software solution, click the link below and sign up for a limited seat in the free 2-week beta today.


7 thoughts on “5 challenges with time sheets, and what you can do about it…

  1. I have had quite a few in depth conversations with Neville Solomon about this app. He has always been prompt in our communications and is dedicated to building a great product. I look forward to his future developments on this.

    1. Thanks Dave and Chris. I want to put 110% in making sure every company signing up for this software is as satisfied as possible! I take feedback very seriously and also can’t wait to see what users think.

  2. I don’t own a painting business but a printing business and I am very old school when it comes to doing things. I found this article browsing and feel that this would be a nice app to have for a variety of industries. While I trust a good majority of my workers, I think this app would be great for those 1 or 2 employees that like to lie about their work times. Good luck Neville !

    1. Thank you very much Daryl! I also believe this app would be useful in multiple industries. I’m being specific to painters for now as they are the ones who I’ve talked to first about their time tracking and scheduling challenges. I will plan to branch out in the future.

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