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Can I paint this?

By on October 27, 2011 in How do I? with 0 Comments

A reader from New England recently asked.

1. Part of one wall of a solarium is made of enamaled panels with 1 inch styrofoam type insulation mounted against a brick wall. The panels are dark brown. The solarium is being converted into an office. There are concerns for temperature changes. CAN THE ENAMELED INTERIOR SURFACE BE PAINTED WITHOUT UNDO CONCERN FOR MAINTENANCE PROBLEMS?

2. In the same room, on a different wall, there has been leakage along the window sill. The leakage is being resolved. A new sill of composite plastic has been installed. Again there is concern for temperature changes. CAN THE NEW SILL BE PAINTED WITHOUT UNDO CONCERN FOR MAINTENANCE PROBLEMS?

The owner does NOT want to paint.

Thank you very much for your response and time!

We asked our product expert Tommy Johnson to help this reader out, see what Tommy says,

1. Yes enamel can be painted. Undo maintenance is a really vague question. A high quality enamel is a very durable coating, however nothing I have ever seen is maintenance free.

2. Yes composites can be painted. A bonding primer like insulx stix would ensure maximum topcoat adhesion.
Thanks Tommy!
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