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Concrobium Products to fight Mold

By on May 31, 2015 in Product Feedback with 0 Comments

Concrobium Professional Restoration Products is proud to manufacture some of the most innovative solutions on the market for remediation professionals.  We take great pride in producing solutions that not only save professionals time and money on restoration jobs but are also leave job sites safe for the people who reside in those space long after the job is done.  Professional restoration contractors who use Concrobium Products are making a commitment to the safety of their clients and they should be recognized for going the extra mile:

Source: Concrobium Mold Products

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Concrobium Mold Control

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I was very hesitant to spend $28 for a gallon of this product. I bought it along with a good spray bottle. I sprayed the product wherever I saw suspicious areas on my basement floor. I was expecting a big stink from the product but noticed -0- odor. Within an hour or so I noticed that the moldy smell was gone. I regret that I didn't wear better PPE because I got a nasty sore throat for a few days - likely from unhappy mold spores? I'm concerned that when we recarpet this floor in a few weeks that everything will return???

Perfect for the job

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Recently had the opportunity to use Concrobium House and deck wash on a cedar deck that had massive areas of mold and mildew. I will say the product performed exactly as I would have expected and I will be very surprised if the deck shows any mold or mildew in the treated areas for years. Very easy to use, we had no issue with vegetation around the deck (wet it down first as always) and once dry the deck was easily stained and looks wonderful. Great product. I will try others.


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We typically use bleach type products and they do an ok job on most decks. I used the Concrobium Deck product on a deck that NEVER saw the sun, was wet most of the year, and had NOT been maintained at all by the consumer. Strangely we had had a localized hail storm and I decided to try the Concrobium product out as price would not be an issue. OMG. quick, clean, new looking deck, happy customer... what else could I possibly look for. GREAT product and will use again and again and again. Where can I but it locally... force box stores and paint stores to carry this exceptional product. PLEASE!!!! Price is NOT an issue .. this is an incredible value.
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