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The Revolver

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McCauley Tools had modest beginnings. In 2005, while painting their house for the market, Garth and Kim Getchell were pulled into an intriguing conversation with seasoned painting contractor Pat McCauley who demonstrated a rough prototype of a unique painting tool that, at first, simply sparked the interest of the Getchell’s: then, their excitement.

Veterans of 25 years of commercial contracting with their own 30 member painting crew, Garth and Kim immediately recognized the potential of this creative device and acquired the company. After an exhaustive research and development period, this exciting time culminated in the first patented flexible extension arm painting tools – The Brush Flex and Mini Roller Flex.

Over the years Garth and Kim Getchell have worked hard to make McCauley Tools a solid, reliable, cutting edge company. Dedicated to their work, they put the needs of professional and DIY painters first and foremost.

Thanks to Garth for providing the Revolver to our Product Feedback Team. The have been using them out in the field and will report back soon. If you have used the revolver, feel free to fill out the review form below and let us know what you think!

If you would like to learn more or order, head over to their site, McCauley Tools

Revolver system

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The Revolver system was something that when I saw it I just had to see first hand how it worked and why it was designed, developed, and put into the marketplace. My first thought was at the push of a trigger the brush, roller, or micro roller adaptions would just rotate direction. That wasn’t the case. So I set out to use it for a whole day on craftsman style casing and windows using the main brush holder and micro roller head adapter. It held the bush well and my micro roller stayed on the frame securely throughout the day. Was it comfortable? Not really at first but as the day progressed and I was determined to give it a fair review so I carried on. Each time I needed it to revolve I kept thinking to myself that it would be great if it actually revolved by simply pushing the trigger. But it doesn’t do that, the trigger is a locking mechanism and you must manually pull the head off by disengaging the lock mechanism (pull the trigger) and rotate the adapter to your desired angle. If it’s the bush your rotating you have to unscrew the gray knob that holds it into place. The time it takes to do so in a production based environment was frustrating to me personally. The product is marketed for better ergonomics and less muscle strain yet to achieve that one would constantly have to stop and adjust direction manually. Having painted by hand and standard micro roller frame for years I couldn’t get use to this manual adjusting so that the trigger grip was in a comfortable position as I worked away. Day two was no better for me. I even had a game plan of doing all vertical trim work first then working on the horizontals. A total of 12 window casings, returns, and sides were double coated using the revolver system. I personally could not get comfortable using the revolver system and completing those specific tasks in a timely manner. I do however feel the product is very well built and the packaging it comes in is excellent. The bags the 9” roller frame and micro frame adapters double as a wet cover storage bag. But there really only great for one use before they get soiled with paint residuals. And my one afterthought may be this, for cutting in high cuts via extension pole versus a tall ladder may be the only area where I would in fact put the Revolver to use with a brush. It does hold well on Wooster quick connect poles without the use of an adapter. All in all it looks super cool, is well built, but uncomfortable and stalls painting progress. Thank you for the trial of this product.


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It was ok. The pistol grip did feel good to hold. The hot dog roller was ok but the sleeve I used slipped off too easily. I'll have to use it more to determine if it will hold up to use.


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These three items worked pretty nice. Easy to use and store when done. The brush holder I kind of scoffed at but my hand was less fatigued at the end of the day. Nice job!!

revolver Overall rating: ★★★★☆ 3.6 based on 3 reviews
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