Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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WordPress-Using the Grand FIA Gallery

The Grand FIA Gallery is a versatile way to manage media in your WordPress site. Install the plugin following the directions here or searching in the plugin panel for Grand Flash as I showed here. Then follow the instructions in the video to make your first slideshow! Here is a page I did as a Demo, […]


WordPress Plugins are like little apps that you can install on your blog to customize it, add features, functionality and increase SEO. In this video we will locate and install a few plugins.   Here are the plugins that you should install and the links for more details. You can also download them from these […]

WordPress-The lay of the land

You picked a domain, chose your hosting and installed Wodrpress and now have a sterile looking page that says “Hello World”! Now what? Let’s take a look under the hood, some things we won’t discuss until later, but let’s get familiar with the dashboard. In the next few weeks we will go over each item […]