Monday, May 20, 2024
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Color Experts, Consultants, Designers or DIYers?

How do you choose color?

I admit, I am a DIYer when it comes to color selection, I use the Fan Decks, Brochures and Color Samples to help customers pick colors, and it usually turns out ok, but just ok. A few things happened in the past year that made me realize I really should defer color selection to a professional, and being a paint contractor does not always qualify you to be one! I talked about it here in a post on Choosing Colors.  Working with people who are trained in Color Theory through my business and meeting several through Social Media has been quite the learning experience.

As we kick off “Color Week” , we will introduce several of these experts, who will provide strategies, insights and practical ways to serve your customers better when it comes to color. We hope these experts will help paint contractors to understand how to avail themselves of these services. Here is a taste of what is coming up, feel free to comment below with suggestions and questions while we have all the experts here ready to answer!


Color Expert-Donna Frasca  will share what being a color expert is all about, Donna has contributed here before and I look forward to hearing more on this from her:

I have a love/hate relationship with the box stores. Love them because on a DIY level, they suffice.However, and this is where we lock horns, the people in the paint departments are there to pump out gallons of paint not to offer professional color advice.

Color Strategies-Lori Sawaya will share some of her color theories and provide suggestion to paint contractors by sharing how to:

“empower the painter with vocabulary and basic building blocks of color design so he/she can improve communications with clients.”

Painting Contractor-Heidi Nyline will show how her company uses proper sampling to help clients choose colors with confidence and share more about the Benjamin Moore Colour Stories.

Color Consultant and Designer-Barbara Jacobs will share a new website created to help visualize and design colors online.

Plus lots more!


7 thoughts on “Color Experts, Consultants, Designers or DIYers?

  1. I just had my deck painted with arborcoat “natural” transparent paint but I feel the
    term “natural” is a misnomer and should be called “orange” as my deck is very orange now and not natural looking at all. I need help to figure out how to get rid of the orange color. I guess I could go to a solid brown but is there any way to remove arborcoat once your deck is painted with it?

    1. Hi Ruth,
      Arborcoat has been a fickle product and caused problems with many users. There are other variables too, as to condition and type of deck. At this point, I think having a professional look at it would be the best bet. Contact your local Benjamin Moore store, or let me know what city you live in, I am sure one of our pros would be happy to look at it.

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