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Cover Grip Drops

From the Cover Grip site,

CoverGrip™ drop cloths are made of the same canvas as any conventional drop cloth, so they absorb paint and spills with no problem. But unlike conventional drop cloths, CoverGrip™ drop cloths can easily be positioned anywhere they’re needed. They won’t “bunch up,” but instead hold tight to corners, stairs, along walls — you name it. The tiny, rubberized PVC dots on the bottom provide just the right weight so they’ll lay flat and true. And the dots allow the fabric to crease in a straight line so they naturally hug to stairs and other slick surfaces, and allow for easy folding, too. You’ll work faster and get more done with CoverGrip™.

If you have tried Cover Grip drops, let us know what you think!

Cover Grip drops

So far the Cover Grip drop has been a great addition to my collection. It is very durable and lays down with a snap unlike other lighter weight drops. It hugs the surfaces just as advertised too, you can lay it on a set of stairs without fiddling around with it too much. The dots on the back make it heavy enough to give it a flick and it glides right in the corners. Another thing I like is the dots are a dead giveaway fot which side it \\\"up\\\". A pet peeve of mine is having paint on both sides of a drop (a little OCD there) no mistaking putting down the wet side by mistake when moving drops around. Yes folding is easy tot....just wish the dots were white , that\\\'s just the OCD talkin again!\r\nGreat product!
- Chuck Perry

it\\\'s about time.

Its about time someone solved this age old problem!
- mark frantellizzi

Great gripping

This is one of those products that when you look at it you slap yourself in the head and say \\\"why didn\\\'t I think of that?\\\" A very simple idea that works very very well.\r\n\r\nMy crew has one of the 4x15 runners. It has been used on multiple hallways and staircases and works extremely well. The best part is the true grip feel on hardwood floors. The crew asked me where I found it and they are likely looking for more.\r\n\r\nOne funny aside is that this product gets that painter who refuses to believe there is a top and bottom to a canvas drop cloth to see that yes there is. There is NO putting this one down with the paint side down. \r\n\r\nThank you... great product ... grip away and lets make the job safer and easier for all of us.\r\n
- Jerry Fancher
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Cover Grip Drops
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