Saturday, May 18, 2024
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Ever have one of those days?

plan ahead

What to do about those days that don’t go exactly as you planned them out?

I used to stress uncontrollably worrying that things are not going according to my plan. if it is taking longer, for example, to finish the job than expected. Maybe something doesn’t turn out perfect that I’ve painted. Or maybe someone else does it a little “less perfect” than I would? I try to follow the plan, but it does not always happen.

Contingency Plans

follow the planIt really takes a lot of forethought to even attempt to foresee MOST of the potential problems. I try to have contingency plans for contingency plans.
I guess that’s where experience really comes in handy. The ability to know how to proceed. Even with what may seem to be minor problems! Problems that will probably seem all but forgotten long after being able to enjoy the finished product. Having a process in place is part of the plan.

I guess the wise thing to do is just slow it down. Think about my plans for these things just a little more!  I mean it’s clear to me that no matter how hard anybody tries, sometimes things just don’t go as planned.

Today it was a flat tire on the interstate. Put me behind at least an hour, which for someone for whom it is as important to be on time to me, it makes every minute a worry.

Communicating the Plan

I think talking to the customers beforehand is critical, let them know what the plan is and if it changes, what you will do (call, text, email). At the beginning of the job that means sometimes I have to allow for these possibilities. Especially when you have jobs running concurrently, or overlapping. As dedicated as I am to this profession, it requires that I distance myself, not take it so personally that something is wrong. Then, you fix it. If it takes more time, or more paint.

Reviewing the Plan

When level heads prevail then at the end of the project you, and your customers, can usually feel like the right things have been done, the right way. Even if it doesn’t go exactly as you planned.

How do you plan for the unplanned? Let me know below!

Jeffrey J Whitmer Sr.
Dynamic Painting Systems


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