Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Ever have one of those days?

What to do about those days that don’t go exactly as you planned them out? I used to stress uncontrollably worrying that things are not going according to my plan. if it is taking longer, for example, to finish the job than expected. Maybe something doesn’t turn out perfect that I’ve painted. Or maybe someone […]

PDCA EXPO ’13 – Presenters?

Do you attend Professional Development? Have you ever attended a PDCA Expo? I attended my first one last year in Las Vegas, and it was a great experience. The level of expertise and professionalism of the Painting Contractors I met was incredible. I especially enjoyed joining the Professional Women in Painting Forum, and still network with many of […]

Monster Proof Paint

I love the Entrepreneurial Spirit! I first came across Peter and Izzy on Twitter, and was intrigued by the name and checked out their Facebook Page to learn more. Here is a couple who found a solution to their children’s problems and turned it into a viable product. And thanks to Social Media, they are able to share […]

Interview with an Industry Leader

Recently the American Painting Contractor magazine conducted an interview with the owner of Custom Coatings Inc., located in Hickory, NC.  Joe Brindle started CCI twenty-one years ago and has been running it successfully ever since.  He and his father took the business from a typical new construction type painting company to a focused painting “think […]

How do you track your leads?

A painter who has mad computer skills?! One of the great thinks about having a variety of online friends is learning what other skills they have. Fellow Painting Contractor Patrick Miller has long been a contributor to a popular forum I frequent. He recently share an app he created with the members and I asked […]

Speaking of Content…….

Do you struggle with creating content for your website and Social Media? Your customers, the ones that already know, like and trust you, are more equipped to tell the real story of your business than an army of writers in any marketing department, so why not engage them to do just that. Read more on […]