Saturday, May 18, 2024
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Everyone needs a Buddy!

Dan over at Big Boy Ind was kind enough to send over a few of the Buddy Systems for our Product Testers to try out. See what they say!

Bucket Buddy

The thought is good , however as a pro I just could not find it useful. Maybe for the Home owner is would work. Just not for me \r\nThanks for allowing me to try it. I would send it out to someone else to try it wanted\r\nHarold in New Jersey
- Harold Stone

Maybe for a DIYer

After taking one look at the Bucket Buddy I knew it wasn\\\'t a tool I\\\'d likely use, but I gave it a fair chance anyway. The premise is good but as I professional painter the problems this tool is meant to address have already been solved. \r\nProfessional paint pants have numerous pockets for carrying tools, and through experience painters know how to safely carry a cut bucket and dip without making a mess.\r\n\r\nWearing the Bucket Buddy hindered my speed because I was constantly concerned about hitting into freshly painted door jams and walls. \r\n\r\nWhile not a professional tool I can see it being very useful to a inexperienced DIY\\\'er.
- Ryan Briggs


I gave this product to my lead painter to try. unfortunately he didn\\\'t provide me with the positive feedback I had hoped for. His complaint was that it doesn\\\'t stand upright, nor does it hold enough paint. He also indicated that he felt if he strapped it to his belt like they show in the pictures he would spill paint every where, something our high end clients would not appreciate.
- Steven Gloyer

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Everyone needs a Buddy!
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