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What is happening at BP?

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It’s been a great ride so far!

The Blogging Painters are an eclectic group of business owners whom are passionate about the painting industry. Sounds kind of silly doesn’t it? Like a bunch of guys who like watching paint dry? But it is more than that!

I wrote that in one of our first posts in July of 2011, and it still holds true! Over the last few years BP has grown and evolved into something I never imagined it would. And I have loved every minute! We currently have close to 400 subscribers and over 6,000 visits every month. But the numbers are not the real story, the community is. Over the past few years, we have built a community that shares best practices, new products, business strategies, marketing ideas, website help and more. These ideas, opinions and resources are shared across platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and forums. Not only do we share online, but in real life. Many in our community have had the great pleasure of meeting each other at expos, workshops, conventions, PDCA meetings and sometimes just for lunch!

The community is expanding

Recently, I wrote about how the relationships between contractors and manufacturers is evolving. Here at BP we have developed some key relationships with major manufacturers who are watching what our readers say and take notice. Last year we added the Readers Review section to provide a place for our readers to provide their opinions on products. These are not the in depth, detailed reviews like you might find over at Topcoat Review, but a good indicator of what the “guys in the field” think of new products. I encourage you to leave your thoughts!

And then there are the inventors..

This has been a interesting development. We have been approached by several folks that have invented a new product, many being contractors trying to find a solution to a problem they have encountered in their own business.  These folks need to to have the feedback from professionals to make improvements or judge the viability of a product. A few examples:

  • Job Wizard– Neville Solomon has created a time sheet app for painters, several of our members have provided feedback and have suggested improvements, which have been implemented.
  • The Hangman-Adam Goldberg created this and has launched a Kickstarter program, check it out and make a pledge
  • The Bucket Buddy-BP was recently asked to provide feedback on this new product
  • The Painting Buddy-I recently sent these out to our Product Test Team for feedback

We are looking forward to connecting our readers, the experts, with some of these products. I realize that some may be panned, we won’t be doing paint pads ;), but our readers are the best ones to give meaningful responses.

If you are a regular BP reader and would like to be part of the dialogue between painters, inventors and manufacturers, or to join our BP Test Team, please leave a comment below. We also welcome general feedback about what you would like to see on BP.

11 thoughts on “What is happening at BP?

  1. The new inventions on today’s’ Blog, all look like they will do what they are intended to?
    A couple of them are improvement of similar items, that came and went in the past 50 years..
    I wonder if the inventors know, because there is a need, they have to create marketing
    for the customer(s) to want to buy the product. The WANT, DEEP POCKETS, and SALES PEOPLE, is what will sell the product.

    “Gold in a paint can, will not sell without the proper label”.

    1. Great points Mel, that is why we try to help them get feedback to improve the products from our readers, who are professional contractors. Would love to hear some of your suggestions for marketing. Thanks for posting!

      1. Chris,
        50+ years selling paint supplies, tools, specialty coating, and bringing a few new items
        successfully to the market. It was two things that make for the profitable success. They are creating the Need, and deep pockets.

        I can be reached at 856-719-0530.

  2. Awesome blog Chris! I get excited every time I see a new post! Maybe I am just too new in this business. Anyways, keep it up!

    PS. Don’t forget about the invention of that awesome software by

    1. Hey Chris, also, I would love to help survey some of these inventions if possible. We are sort of new guys on the block, but are always looking for ways to be more efficient and improve this industry. It looks like you have a lot of people that want to get involved, but if you want additional help, we would be happy to get involved!

      Have an awesome night!

      1. Hi Matty, we are always looking for qualified contractors to join our team. Subscribe to BP and you will find the link to register. look forward to hearing from you!

        1. Hey Chris, I think I am already subscribed. I get notices every time a blog is posted. That would mean I am registered right?

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