Sunday, April 14, 2024
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Google, Gmail and Places, the Tools in your Bucket

To the Cloud!


I am sure you heard the saying, “To the Cloud!”? The Cloud just refers to the new way of computing. Instead of having your spreadsheets on your desktop computer, your phone numbers in your cell phone, your pictures on a storage card, notes on a legal pad and your contacts in a rolodex and always having to remember where you put what, you can manage everything from one place. Imagine accessing all your information with one login. Imagine being able to only log in once to access several email accounts, to send and receive!


Well, meet Gmail! If you are already using Gmail, you can skip this and wait until the next post on Google Docs. If you do not have a Gmail account, then keep reading. I know what you are thinking, another email account, nooooo! Or if you are like my friend B, think Google is the devil, please, just give it a shot! Here are 10 more reasons.

So head over to GMail and sign up, pick an easy to remember name, it is not one you will be sending to customers. You will just use this one to register for all the neat new things I am going to tell you about! Spend a few minutes looking at the tabs, setting up your signature, importing your other email accounts. Use the help button, lots of good info.

Here is a video that may be helpful, there are plenty more on the channel.



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9 thoughts on “Google, Gmail and Places, the Tools in your Bucket

    1. Thanks Tommy, I am excited about all the new content we have planned, including something on you! Make sure you like our Facebook Page or sign up for email subscriptions to keep up!

  1. Will do, I was away for about a week and it seems so much has happened. 🙂

    I think I liked the page today. Will check now. I have some very good content coming up with lots of video showcasing a big remodel we have been doing.

  2. Great, I look forward to it, i am open to suggestions and ideas, and we do need content in the project section!

  3. Me too, its been way to long since I have done a large project of this quality. It was wonderful showing off our talents again. Now if I can get another trade to finish I can finally get this one done.

    I finally figured out how to get my NetworkedBlogs syndication feed working. 🙂

    1. Great, post it on the Facebook page, let’s talk about it there, I have an idea. Gee, I seem to be saying that a lot lately!

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