Monday, May 20, 2024
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Google+1, Will it have painters going on circles?

Have you heard the news? Google+1 has rolled out to limited users. So what does this mean? Well, if you set up a GMail account like I suggested here, you have already noticed a difference in your search results. For instance, if I search for “Orlando pool services” from my computer in Utah, the search results show that I have a connection to that company, if I search for restaurants in my town, it can also show a review from a friend in my social media circle. Will those carry weight when I am searching for a service?

Do you think customers will be influenced when they see their friends show up under your listing?


Google+1 takes it a step further, if you use the friends list in Facebook, this will seem familiar to you, read what MG Siegler is saying in Tech Crunch,

Last night, I wrote up my initial thoughts on Google+ after using it for a day. Overall, I find it pretty compelling so far. While there is a bit of a learning curve, after about 15 minutes, I found myself at home using the service. And little things (namely notifications) kept bringing me back. But let’s be realistic, it has only been a day. The new car smell has yet to wear off. And I have also noticed a few other things that may spell trouble down the road.

Read more here…..

For those of you firmly entrenched in Facebook, here is a comparison slideshow.


3 thoughts on “Google+1, Will it have painters going on circles?

  1. You are right, it is not another site, (anyone remember Google Buzz?) but more of a way to share information and network with friends, family and colleagues across all platforms.

  2. My brother-in-law just posted this for me on my FB page and then I see your post. Can’t wait to dig in and know more. How timely! And thank you!

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