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kilzKILZ® General Purpose Interior is a fast-drying latex primer and sealer formulated to minimize decorating problems caused by surface texture and porosity differences. It’s ready to brush, roll or spray and can be topcoated after one hour with latex or oil-based paint. Use KILZ General Purpose Interior on almost all interior surfaces including drywall, plaster, woodwork, masonry and brick. Not recommended for flooring, glossy surfaces, mold- and mildew-prone surfaces, or for stainblocking. Use on properly prepared interior surfaces, such as: brick, plaster, drywall, wood, and masonry.




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My name is Ted Rinshed and I'm the owner of Eco Star Painting of Calgary. The cost of Drywall primers has gone up recently so i decised to search for a more cost friendly alternative. I think I've found one: Kilz General Purpose Primer...It is a water based primer/sealers with a low VOC content. Purpose: I required a primer to seal the drywall compound in a business I was painting. The drywall damage was extensive as I used over a full bucket of all purpose drywall compound to repair the damage. From my experience, if you don't seal the drywall compound after sanding it will "flash" throught the finish coats. Application: I brushed and rolled the Kilz primer with a 15MM lint free sleeve. It rolled beautifully and didn't splatter... I had the primer tinted to the finish coat colour and it covered very very well. Conclusion: Kilz General Purpose Primer is a definte thumbs up! It performed as well as the more expensive primer/sealers I've used at a much lower cost per gallon. I purchased the Kilz primer at Home Depot but other stores may carry it as well. For more information visit ecostarpainting.com
- KILZ General Purpose Primer
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